Essays on Antigone

Antigone: Theme And Conflict Of A Play

In the Sophocles tragedy Antigone, the title character is the more sympathetic character due to the fact that that she was absurdly punished for essentially having an opinion and following through with it. Antigone simply believed that even though her brother Polynices fought for the opposing side in the war, he deserved the same right...
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Character Analysis Of Antigone

​Sophocles shows the fallacy of the position of both opponents, that each of them defends a just cause, but defends it unilaterally. “Antigone” represents a clash of equally fair principles: state interest and family interest; both parties are equally right and at the same time wrong because of their one-sidedness. The destruction of Creon is...
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Antigone: Analysis Of Plot Structure

Antigone, the final play in the trilogy “Three Theban Plays” was written by Sophocles in 441 B.C. Antigone focuses on two main characters within the same family, Antigone the daughter of Oedipus the previous king of Thebes, and Creon the brother of Oedipus’s wife Jocasta. After Oedipus dies, his sons inherit the throne and kill...
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