Application Of Social Learning Theory In Reality

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Social Learning Theory

Learning is the things that really complex in our life, every time we learn about something it could give a huge impact to our life. Basically, we learn through observation, imitation and modelling. Children do based on the environment and media do, either good effect or bad effect is depends on the environment and media treat them. In this essay I will be concern in social learning theory that was represented by Albert Bandura as an applying in reality.

This theory is really illustrate how people learn from their environment and media via observation and modelling. For instance, I used to watch youtube whenever I want to learn about English. there are so many videos that you could watch in youtube in order to learn English but my favourite YouTuber for learning English is ‘learn English by Emma ‘. She teaches English with a comfortable way and she often give us a tips and trick about speaking, writing or even grammar to make it easier for us to learn English. the tips and trick that she gives to me is applied whenever I wrote an essay or when I speaking in front of someone. As time goes by, I keep practising and learning English, therefore I got the highest score in English National Examination at Senior High School and my teacher really proud of me.

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Based on my experience there are four cognitive and behavioural processes in social learning theory that play a role of it

1. Attention

In order to learn, you have to keep paying attention. Based on my experience, I keep paying attention when Emma explain me about English.

2. Retention

Ability to save information that is crucial is also really important. when Emma explain it about writing , grammar or speaking I tried to remember all of the material and made it into important things as the one could make me understand about English.

3. Production

This time to perform the behaviour that I have had observed. the material that Emma brings will be applied by me in order to wrote an essay or whenever there is an assignment.

4. Motivation

Finally , this the result of my observation. As time goes by, my skills in English increase rapidly, until i got the highest scores in English National Examination in senior high school and my teacher really proud of me

Therefore, as Bandura observed, life would be excruciatingly difficult even hazardous if you had to learn everything you known from only personal experiences. So much of your life is implanted in your social experience. So its not surprise that observing others play a role of it in how you achieve new knowledge and skills


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