Essays on Argentina

Brazil Versus Argentina: Comparative Essay

So today we are going to talk about Brazil and Argentina. First, we will take a look at the history of the two countries. The history of Brazil is, Brazil was officially ‘discovered’ in 1500, when a fleet commanded by Portuguese diplomat Pedro Álvares Cabral, on its way to India. Duarte Pacheco Pereira, in his...
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Latin American Politics: Politics & Football in Argentina

There is no denying that football is the most fanatically followed sport in Argentina, like many Latin American neighbors. However, it is unique that in Argentina in that football and politics have remained inseparably linked throughout history and this uneasy partnership has at times threatened to detonate on the global stage. Argentines are some of...

Discrimination Of Women of Argentina: Abused and Assaulted

“In 2016 alone, 254 Argentine women died from gender-based violence… that amounts to one woman killed every 34 hours” (Henao). What they are doing is femicide, femicide is when you target females specifically and hurt them. People in Argentina do this for there is nothing to stop them; no consequences. Technically it is allowed since...
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