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Homework historically was first practiced in the 19th century. It was like reflection of the era in which the school was in. During the 1940’s and 1950’s homework had been used like a ‘drill and kill’, such as rote learning or it served as a negative punishment to the children and students. Throughout those years many women practiced it like this until 1989 that the Education Act gave the removal of homework from the individual school level and placed it at the State Government Level. Now the policies that were passed on changed and indicated that the homework was to be relevant to the student’s classroom learning experience, their age and school year level,without, leaving aside the student’s ability to learn out of school commitments.

In this research paper I intend to prove to you why homework should be banned from schools and taken away from the students’ lives. All over America students usually go to school from 7-8 a.m and get out at around 2 or 3 p.m. It has been a custom of the United States to have these time schedules for students exceptionally when there are severe weather conditions. The time in school that students spend will allow them to be career ready when they step out of their college or university level.

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A student whether from 3 years old up to 20 years have received homework pages to be completed by the next day since their first day of school. It has been a method used by teachers that believe it will help the students remember and memorize what they learned at school and something that will help them get better at those lessons. ‘Homework is so fun. It helps me become a better student and doesn’t take up so much of my time afterschool.’ This has been said by no kid ever. Too much homework to students is so unhealthy and stressful, not helpful in any way. Acclaimed author Tami Ansary said, ‘Since 1981 the amount of homework given to middle school students has increased by more than fifty percent.’ Ever since the new Education Act had a minor change student receive up to half more of what they were normally getting as homework and this has made it by far very difficult especially if the student has around seven classes daily. A big amount of time spent on homework takes away from the kid’s social lives which also includes their development, their family time, sports and other activities after school. Homework should be banned because it encourages conflicts, drains the students brain up to their breaking point and only gives the students bad habits at the end.

Teachers have sometimes always suffered the scoldings and yellings from an angry parent worrying about his or her child’s grade. ‘It’s too low. How is it possible she has a C? My little baby is the smartest girl and you’re telling me she’s has a C!?’ I’m pretty sure you have heard those complaints at least once in your life and they can get pretty annoying. People like teachers and classmates do not have to be dealing with these kinds of parents. It is very stressful and causes even more disputes among them and issues in between the school and the child. So, when children do not want to do their homework at home what ends up happening? The parents either ground the children or yell at them badly sometimes even hitting them so hard that the next day the child does not show up to school, these types of conflicts are sometimes a result of homework. 


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