Arguments Against Drunk Driving

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Have you ever drive under the influence of alcohol? Could you remember how did you feel when you do it? How are you sure that it was a safe drive when all you could see was a blur? If you think drunk driving is cool, remember that it would be far from “cool” for the victim’s family. Just put yourselves in their shoes, say, how would you feel when a loved one is suddenly taken away so quickly from you when they were just fine this morning?

There are several reasons and occasions why people drink alcohol these days. Either because of social occasions or it is a way for them to cope with their problems, to forget and run away from reality for a while, to just have fun while it lasted. The type of alcohol variates too, from wine for a classic and fancy dinner, champagne for celebrations, beer for a casual hangout, and to tequila for a party, etc.

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To answer my question in the beginning, have any of you done that? If yes, why? Why bother yourself trying to convince yourself that you are sober enough to drive when you could easily get a taxi or ask for a friend’s help? Like I have said before, it is impossible to drink and drive no matter how low your BAC is (well I mean, it could be possible if you are willing to take a risk). In all states of America except Utah, it is considered to be a crime when a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is at or higher than 0.08 and decided to drive. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2016, there are 10.497 people that died because of drunk drivers, 29 people each day. Thousands of innocent people died per year because of something that could have been easily avoided.

Drunk driving is even more dangerous for teens because they are inexperienced with both alcohol and driving, especially the underaged ones. Even though the chance of teens driving under the influence is lower than adults, they are four more times at risk at this situation as teens tend to underestimate actual dangerous situations, like speeding, running the red lights, making illegal turns, etc. They are also at the period of time where all they want to do is rebel, to discover new things and how it feels like to do it. I am sure you guys know at least three people that tries out things that might not be entirely safe for them, just for the sake of being “cool”.

Did you know that car crash is the highest cause of teenage death in the States? Eight of them died each day due to drunk driving. Are you guys still willing to try drink and drive, after hearing all these facts? You know that alcohol contains depressant right? It will slows down your brain, which affect your impairing thinking, reasoning, and muscle coordination. That’s the reason why you cannot think straight and your body feels heavy.

On October 2016, a 17-year-old killed his friend in a car crash after they went to a party with a few other friends. The driver left the party after he consumed alcohol spiked iced teas and smoke some weed. On the road, he tried to pass the car ahead, but instead he lost control after speeding. It sent the car rolling, and the passenger died on the spot. Two years later, he was sentenced with 120 days of jail time and got banned from driving for three and a half years. In the same year, 2.017 people were killed by drivers that had BAC lower than 0.08.

I just want to remind all of you (especially those who drinks often) to please make sure that you have a safe ride home after drinking! You could choose a designated driver for the night if you are going out with friends or if you are going out alone, you could get a taxi or alert someone close to you before you go (and get wasted) so they would know where to pick you up after you are done.

To end the speech, all I have to say is no matter how low a person’s BAC is, drunk driving should be illegal and needs to be stopped immediately. Because even though they claimed that they are just “tipsy”, it could still endangered their own safety and others unintentionally.


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