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Life In Roman Army: Living Conditions And Free Time

What was life like in the Roman Army? Intro: Life in the Roman army was often hard and gruelling. Roman boy’s looked up to them and the society at the time did so as well. The main include the living conditions, free time and the general life in the army for a general soldier. Living...
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Macedonian Army Versus Philip’s Army

Macedonian army was different to Philip II’s in stances of weaponry, training and tactics. Prior to, the polis was a weakened state due to the constant fear of the Theban invasion and lack of leadership. Hammond describes this as a “legacy of pretenders”. Tribes were alienated, and finances were crippling as kings issued silver coins...
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Elvis And His Time In The Army

Ever since the beginning of America, there are many artists and bands that can be considered influential on American culture. Be that as it may, there is one artist that sticks out among the rest: Elvis Aaron Presley. Known as the “standard American boy,” Elvis effectively captures the essential essence of the standard American teenager,...
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Military Professionalism: Concept of Respect in Army

Where does military professionalism start? Firstly the basics that make up military professionalism start within how a soldier respects one another, not just peer to peer, but superior to subordinate. It also derives from the amount of discipline that a soldier has. It has to increase when a soldier is progressed in rank and the...
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Respect Versus Disrespect to Officer: Opinion Essay

I have been assigned to write this paper because I have disrespected a non commissioned officer, higher up, and senior or superior enlisted officer. I do apologize for what I did and had said. I have learned from what I have done and the mistakes that I chose to me and, I truly understand why...
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