Essays on Art Therapy

A Consideration Of Gender Roles In The Field Of Art Therapy

Introduction Gender issues have been prominent in the media over this past year. Social media campaigns and movements such as #MeToo and #Timesup and high profile pay gap legal cases have opened a discussion about gender disparity. This sparked an interest in me to understand how gender roles are addressed in the field of art...
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Art Therapy, Its Types And The Role Of Art Educator

Art Therapy is an integrative methodology to analysis that enhances and develops the psychological health of characters, people, and societies. The word ‘art therapy’ was invented in 1942 by artist Adrian Hill. Many authors in the emotional wellness field started to portray their work with individuals in treatment as ‘art therapy’. Different benefactors incorporate Florence...
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Art Therapy: Definition And Types Of Art

When you hear the word Art Therapy, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? To me, when I heard the word Art Therapy I thought about the fine arts. I thought about artists around the world creating something they truly love to do. Also the word therapy, I thought about treatment intended...
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The Power Of Music: Psychology Of Classical Music

Music is an important factor in social relationships and is often part of how people define themselves. Lots of people listen to music to make them feel an emotion, whether that be to make them happy, sad, calm, or excited. But can music help your mental health? Can classical music aid your intellectual abilities, emotional...
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