Article Topic of Toddlers Peer Conflicts: Micro-teach Self Reflection

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Micro-teach Self Reflection

My article topic for this assignment was Toddlers Peer Conflicts, we all were allotted ten minutes per person to speak and present out presentations which include all the details along with a minimum of five key points, and a two-minute video. So, I started with the introduction of my topic, which means whenever two or more than two children’s fight for a particular thing usually for a toy then it is called a conflict, that was really a very interesting topic, because conflicts is a very common thing between children’s it can occur any time any where. I studied a lot about the peer conflicts and I found that, conflict is the best time for children’s to learn, this was really surprising to know, before that I usually thought that whenever children fights we should just take their toys, but I was wrong this is the very intrusting thing to know and during my presentation we all members were very curious to know more about it. They asked me to tell this in deep.

So, I explained them how to make them learn when they are in conflicts, rather than taking their toys back we should allow them to be in a conflicts and ask them to come to a decision that who will take the toy first, or who will play at the last. This will definitely help them to develop social-emotional and decision-making skills. This thing was really helpful to my group members, and when I asked questions to them they all participated equally and with interest, they tried to learn and get more knowledge as it was a very interesting topic.

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And I answered all their questions properly, and to get them understand properly I also showed them a video regarding my topic and explained it to them.

Practical implications for Early Childhood Educators

There were two more members in my group table, and we all had different topics, my topic was toddler peer conflicts, and other two topics were “Language development” and “Prevention of Mental Illness” all the three topics were very interesting, From the presentation of Language development I learned that children’s start learning from birth, even though they cannot communicate verbally, but they can express their feelings and emotion physically by crying, moving their hands and legs, this is how infants communicate, and the most important thing is that they learn from their surroundings, whatever they see they learn, so it is our responsibility to become their good role models so that we can give them a positive environment, there are many strategies that adults or educators can do to make children’s learn and become a good role model for them such as talking with the children’s and responding to their reactions, respect the felling of the children’s encourage their play and equally participate in the play, this is how we can become their good role model. And in the second article which is “Prevention of mental illness” I learned about the mental illness of children’s and various measure on how to take care of that children’s. There are lots of reasons on why children’s are suffering from mental illness like not getting proper nutritious diet, not exposer to outside world, parental smoking and many more.(Tremblay, 2010).And I also learned about the new invention in medical technology that scientists are now able to redesign diagnostic tools to diagnose the mental illness in toddlers and infants. These tools can help doctors to identify and cure diseases and problems like depression and anxiety. There are also various strategies we can take to take proper care of children’s such as paying proper attention the child suffering from any type of disorder, giving more time and understand his/her words, understanding the needs of that child and giving time to him/her.

Three Concepts Which I learned

The three concepts which I learned from my peers during presentations which will help me to understand more about toddlers and infants are, firstly the concept of language development that children’s start learning as soon as they are born, they cannot talk but they react and express their feelings and emotions like huger, angry by crying, kicking, and various strategies like Encouraging them for pretend play, talking about daily routines, and many more will help me a lot. This concept will definitely help me in my placements most of the time it is difficult to understand how to deal with infants and how to understand their type of crying, so the presentation “Language development” gave me a lot of information on how to understand their emotions. Secondly, I learned about on how to prevent mental illness in children’s. The main reason for the mental illness among the kids is that they are not getting proper exposer to the outdoor environment, they are mostly in home and also due to some bad activities of parents like smoking effect them a lot. So, to prevent these mental illness scientist have invented various tools to recognise the type of mental illness, so as to provide proper cure for a particular type of illness, this also will going to help me In many ways as this article gave me a lot of information about how to deal with the children’s who are suffering from mental illness, and how to prevent these disorders among children’s, it will really play a very important role in my professional life. Thirdly, I learned about toddler’s conflict resolution from my article, I learned about how to prevent conflicts as well as how to solve the conflicts, and the most interesting thing which I learned is that, conflict is the best time for children’s to learn.

At last , the concept which I will love to learn more is about mental illness in children’s because when children’s are small they all behave like in a funny way so it is hard to predict about the mental illness, so it will be very interesting to know more about this. I can achieve this by doing more and more research about mental illness and discussing my research with my peers.


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