Artificial Intelligence: Philosophy, Goals and Applications

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The current description of artificial intelligence is “the education and plan of intelligent mediators” where an intelligent agent is an organization that observes its atmosphere and takes activities that exploit its chance of triumph. It is one of the latest skills which started rapidly after world war2, and whose name was created in 1956 by John McCarthy. The achievement of artificial intelligence can be measured in relation of reliability to human activity or against a perfect concept of intelligence, which is usually defined as wisdom.


Meanwhile the discovery of computers or machines, their ability to make various tasks on rising exponentially. In relation of their various working fields, their growing speed, and dropping size with reverence to time, people have recognized the rule of the computer system. It is also the growth of computer systems that are able to achieve tasks that would need human intellect. Examples of these tasks are pictorial awareness, speech gratitude, result making and conversion among dialects.

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What is artificial intelligence?

According to the ancestor of Artificial Intelligence John McCarthy, it is “The Skill and Manufacturing of creating intelligent machinery, particularly intelligent computer programs”. Artificial Intelligence is a method of making a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or a software reason logically, in the comparable style the intelligent human think. AI is skilled by learning how the human mind thinks, and how humans absorb, resolve, and effort while trying to crack a problem, and then using the consequences of this learning as a basis of emerging bright software and schemes.

History of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence was originally planned by John McCarthy in 1956 in his initial imaginary debate on the theme. The knowledge of machines working like human beings initiated to be the center of scientists’ attention and whether if it is conceivable to make machines have the identical capacity to think and absorb itself was introduced by the mathematician Alan Turing. Alan Turing was able to put his theories and requests into action by challenging whether machines can think?. After sequences of testing, it goes out that it is conceivable to allow machines to think and learn just like people. Turing test uses the pragmatic method to be intelligent to identify if machines can reply as humans.

Philosophy of AI

While manipulating the power of the computer systems, the interest of humans, lead him to miracle, “can a machine contemplate and perform like people do?”. Thus, the progress of AI started with the purpose of generating similar intelligence in machines that we treasure and repute high in humans.

Goals of AI

To Create Expert Systems: The schemes which show intelligent behaviour, acquire, establish, clarify, and intelligence its users.

To Implement Human Intelligence In Machines: Creating organizations that recognize, contemplate, cram, and work like individuals.

Description of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is collective every single day. Since AI was first presented to the market, it has been the aim of the rapid change in expertise and commercial fields. Computer scientists are expecting that by 2020. “85% of purchaser relations will be succeeded without a hominoid”. This means that human humble invitation will depend on computers and artificial intelligence just like when we use Siri or galaxy to enquire about the climate temperature. It is very significant to be ready for AI exposure just like UAE have by fitting a state minister for AI in Dubai.

What contributes to AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a knowledge and expertise based on chastisements such as computer science, Biology, Psychology, Linguistics, Mathematics, and Engineering. A main thrust of AI is in the expansion of computer roles related with human intelligence, such as intellectual, knowledge, and problem cracking.

Benefits of AI

The most significant persistence of AI is to decrease human casualties in

  • Wars
  • Risky Workspaces
  • Car Accidents
  • Ordinary Disasters

Or to just make normal life calmer by helping with responsibilities such as:

  • Cleaning
  • Expenditure
  • Transport

Experts and scams of artificial intelligence

AI offers reliability, cost-effectiveness, clarifies hard problems, and makes adoptions: in the count, AI bound data from getting vanished. AI is applied currently in most fields whether professional or engineering. One of the excessive tools in AI is named “reinforcement learning” which is based on challenging success and disappointment in real life to rise the consistency of applications. Unfortunately, AI is restricted with its competence and functionality. Although Artificial Intelligence made our survives much calmer and protected us more time than ever, scientists are forecasting that by the massive need on AI humanity could be destroyed. Scientists claim that by having an AI machine, individuals will be jobless and that will settle in losing the logic of living. Since machines are learning and doing things more proficiently and efficiently in an apt method, this could be the reason of our extinction.

How does artificial intelligence work?

  • There are several dissimilar approaches to Artificial Intelligence. Some are clearly more suitable than others in some cases.
  • Over the previous five periods, AI research has mostly been concentrated on solving detailed programs. Many solutions have been developed and enhanced to do so efficiently and consistently.
  • This clarifies why the field of Artificial Intelligence is divided into many branches, ranging from Design Recognition to Artificial Life, including evolutionary computation and preparation.

AI Algorithms and models

AI is mostly grounded on procedures and models as a technique that is planned based on scientific discoveries such as math, statists, and biology. AI works based on some replicas such as: Ant Cluster Algorithm, Immune Algorithm, Vague Algorithm, Decision Tree, Genetic Algorithm, Particle Group Algorithm, Neural Network, Deep Education and in this report, some of the most acknowledged models are: Sustenance Vector Machine and the Artificial Neural Network.

  • Support Vector Machine(SVM) where it is used to shape an arrangement model by verdict an optimal hyperplane grounded on a set of exercise examples. It is also have been used for outline arrangement and drift calculation loads of applications for occurrence: power convert or burden diagnosis, disease diagnosis and action optimization.
  • Artificial Neural Network(ANN) is a typical model of consideration opinions and behaviors in terms of physical linking between neurons. ANN has been used to resolve variability of problems by allowing the machine to figure mathematical copies to be able to emulate natural actions from the brains perspective. By using this process, the machine will be able to find the resolution of any problem just like the human brain.

Programming without AI

  • A computer program without AI can reply the detailed questions it is meant to answer.
  • Adjustment in the program leads to alteration in its structure.
  • Change is not rapid and easy. It may lead to upsetting the program unpleasantly.

Programming with AI

  • A computer program with AI can respond the basic inquiries it is intended to unravel.
  • AI programs can captivate new modifications by hitting highly autonomous pieces of data organized. Hence you can alter even a minute part of the material of the program without touching its erection.
  • Speedy and informal program alteration.

AI technique

In the real world, the acquaintance has some unwelcomed belongings:

  • Its size is vast, next to unbelievable.
  • It is not well-ordered or well-formatted.
  • It keeps shifting regularly.

AI Technique is a way to establish and use the facts professionally in such a mode that:

  • It must be perceivable by the folks who deliver it.
  • It should be effortlessly adjustable to correct faults.
  • It should be valuable in many circumstances though it is imperfect or mistaken.

AI Techniques elevate the hurry of performance of the complex program it is armed with.

Applications of AI

1. Gaming:

AI plays critical part in strategic games such as chess, poker, tic-tac-toe, etc., where machines can contemplate of huge number of conceivable positions based on empirical knowledge.

2. Natural language processing:

It is probable to cooperate with the computer that recognizes natural language articulated by creatures.

3. Expert systems:

There are some applications that participate machines, software, and special material to impart intellectual and advising. They provide descriptions and guidance to the users.

4. Vision Systems:

These structures appreciate, interpret and know visual input on the computer. For example,

  • A spying airplane takes snaps which are used to symbol out spatial information or plot of the areas.
  • Doctors use medical proficient system to analyze the patient.
  • Police use computer software that can diagnose the face of illegal with the deposited representation made by the criminal artist.

5. Speech recognition:

Some smart systems are skilled of hearing and grasping the language in terms of judgments and their meanings while a human talks to it. It can knob different inflections, slang arguments, noise in the circumstantial, alteration in human’s sound due to cold, etc.

6. Handwriting recognition:

The handwriting acknowledgment software delivers the text written on paper by a pen or on-screen by a stylus. It can distinguish the forms of the letters and translate it into editable text.

7. Intelligent robots:

Robots are clever to do the tasks given by a human. They have devices to notice physical data from the real creation such as light, heat, temperature, program, sound, bump, and pressure. They have effective processors, several sensors and huge recollection, to display intelligence. In addition, they are proficient of erudition from their faults and they can adjust to the new atmosphere.

Types of artificial intelligence

AI can be classified in any amount of customs there are two types of the main classification.

  1. Weak AI or Narrow AI: It is engrossed in one narrow task, the marvel that machines that are not too gifted to do their own effort can be constructed in such a technique that they seem clever. Example: Poker game where a machine strokes a human where in which all rules and changes are nourished into the machine. Here each and every conceivable situation need to arrive earlier manually. Each and every Weak AI will donate to the structure of strong AI.
  2. Strong AI: The machines that can really think and achieve tasks on its own just like a human being. There are no correct current examples for this but some industry bests are very intense on getting near to building a strong AI which has caused in quick progress.

Real-Life AI Examples

  • Self-driving cars
  • Boston Undercurrents
  • Navigation Schemes
  • Chatbots
  • Hominid vs Computer Games

Machine learning

An application of Artificial Intelligence that gives machines the facility to absorb and progress without the help of humans or new programming.

The Turing Test

In the 1950s Alan Turing fashioned the Turing Test which is used to regulate the level of intelligence of a computer.

The controversy of Turing test

Some people are distressed with the Turing Test. The prerogative it does not really measure a computer’s intelligence. Instead of coming up with a retort themselves, they can use the same general phrases to pass the test.

AI design models

AI Applications that we constantly use nowadays which is virtual assistants such as Siri, Cortana, etc. Over the previous few years smart supporters are becoming a very mutual technology in most of the smart strategies and most significantly, these aides are getting keener than ever. In addition to the tremendous help they deliver us with, is that everybody of these apps has exclusive features. Artificial Intelligence performs according to the following phases: getting the data, manipulating the data, training models, test data, and advancing the data. Before reading the data, a business must verify the class of the data to confirm that it meets the necessity.

Siri virtual assistant:

Siri is a well-known virtual assistant which uses voice acknowledgments and captured grass in order to achieve a certain duty within a device. Siri is measured as one of AI maximum-used applications. The application simply takes the input from the operator and try to find the furthermost associated keywords used in this command. Siri tries to remove unpredictable results by using the language pattern recognizer and from there to energetic ontology by probing through the contacts, then it attempts to narrate the contact name and complete the task which is in this case and lastly, the output will be resolute considering all the possible conditions.

Advantages of AI

  • It can help advance our technique of life.
  • Machines will be gifted to perform jobs that require detailed instructions.
  • Spiritual alertness and choice-making capabilities.
  • Use robots for weighty construction, military profits, or even for own assistance at private homes
  • There will be fewer wounds and pressure to individuals.
  • Many of our health difficulties now have conceivable solutions with the use of Artificial Intelligence in pieces of training at Universities.
  • Scientists have been using AI to test philosophies and ideas about how our brains toil.
  • AI opens up new and thrilling avenues for entertainment likelihoods.
  • AI also makes collaborative electronic games more fun by assembly the computer-controlled characters more accurately and human-like.

AI and learning

Using Artificial Intelligence aid instructional designers to offer inventive solutions, problem-resolving policies and more collaboration in the knowledge.

For example Games

The Games provide a collaborative learning atmosphere for pupils. Intelligence is essential in computer games when players are challenged against other characters who are played by the computer. Most people adore playing against others rather than a machine because other people can afford variable, random and sometimes changeable replies and performances, whereas simply involuntary machines will always retort the same way, in expectable ways that cruel a player only has to recollect the few basic answers possible and respond to them in directive to broad the level.

The future ofAI

The several applications of Artificial Intelligence happens can be in the ground of robotics, which is an application that permits the computer for scholarship from its situation. Even in the applications of the remedial field, it is accomplished of deciding the medicines based on the indications of the patient so that treatment can be done efficiently.

We can accomplish that artificial intelligence plays a vigorous role in the applications associated to all fields in an actual way.


AI currently is being executed in almost every field of training through numerous models such as SVM and ANN. We should be gifted to proceed with knowing and considerate the consequences of every technological tendency. People are in the AI revelation era and therefore; people should accept into this change and welcome it too by implementing AI and stirring toward a healthier society.


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