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Analysis of the Appearance of NCBL (National Community Basketball League) in Malaysia

Everyone has different perspectives on a specific thing which personal perception are influenced by multiracialism and multiculturalism. Be that as it may, the training fields, indoor halls and outdoor courts of mainstream sports such as football, basketball, badminton, and more appear to recount a different story. There is a lack of racial diversity (Komas, 2017)....
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Machine Learning Approach Towards Road Accident Analysis In India

Abstract This paper is an attempt to analyse the performance of four major machine-learning paradigms applied to modelling the occurrence of traffic accidents. The methods considered are support vector machines, decision trees, K-nearest neighbour and logistic regression. For the greatest possible accident reduction effects with limited budgetary resources, it is important that measures be based...
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Critical Analysis of Marriage and Divorce in India

Abstract Marriages in India, as opposed to western countries, have always been a religious and sacred event that was looked upon to creating an inseparable bond between a man and woman. However, in the recent years, divorce rates in India are increasing; thus giving way for expectations from both parties to claim what was or...

Peculiarities Of Schooling in China

Schooling in China is driven by competition, memorization, and the fear of failing. Not to be over dramatic but these school years will determine the rest of your life. From grading, testing and everyday life, it all revolves around school. Your schooling years will either make you or break you. Grading is one huge factor...
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Gender Inequality in Bangladesh: Analytical Essay

In the past ten years, Bangladesh has pass through intensive social changes, many of which have wedged gender inequality. Abundance rates have been halved, the gender gap in newborn incorporeity, as well as in primary and secondary schooling, has been tightened or closed altogether, the accessibility of micro-credit has enhanced the unity of women as...

Health Tourism : An Emerging Industry In India

Introduction Health tourism or medical tourism relates to travel associated with medical treatment, rejuvenation and undergoing wellness therapies. Although, the term is used largely in the context of cross-border travel, it could also be used to signify domestic travel especially where cities/towns have emerged as healthcare hubs. Many are uncomfortable with the use of the...
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The Mother of Mother India: Review on Way of Life

‘Directed and produced by a woman and that woman the author of the story and script, the writer of the music and songs, as well as the singer, and to crown it all, the star of the picture, Madame Fashion, at the Imperial Talkies, Lamington Road, has an irresistible claim upon the attention and sympathy...
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The Best Of Tokyo: Opinion Essay

The sound of the hustle and bustle of a big city, and a gong sounding in front of an ancient shrine. The smell of Sushi dishes being cooked in market stalls and cherry blossoms budding on countless trees. The sights of the winding paths of the Emperor’s garden and the sun rising over the distant...
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