Assertive Way To Stop Smoking In Short Story Quitters By Stephen King

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If there is one sure thing, it is thanks to Quitters, Inc. that there is an assertive way to stop smoking. Stephen King wrote a short story called “Quitters, Inc.” which explains the tale of a company with a cruel but effective way to quit smoking. The main character’s name is Dick Morrison. Dick has a wife and has what he calls half of a son. Dick Morrison is a heavy smoker and gets informed from an old school friend about Quitters, Inc. and his success post-quitting. Quitters, Inc. is a conundrum of a story with its sea of mystery, humor, and fun.

The mystery in “Quitters, Inc.” is in the horror it holds. For example, when Jimmy McCann informs Dick about Quitters, Inc. but does not speak of what they did to make him stop smoking. To put his curiosity to bed, Dick indeed goes to Quitters, Inc. to see what the fuss was about. But what Dick found petrified him. The next mystery is on page 582 when Dick says ‘ “Cindy?” he called. “I’m home.” No answer.’ This is a mystery because he is like wait, what?, he wants to know where Cindy is and what shall happen to her. The more mystery in the story, the better the story gets.

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The humor in “Quitters, Inc.” keeps the readers laughing through the dark and twisted story. On page 584, Dicks wife underwent electrocution in the Rabbit room and Dick has told her why that occurred. Her response is what’s so funny. Cindy had said ‘ “It was worth it,” she said. “God bless these people. They’ve let you out of prison.” ’ This quote is humorous because a woman just got electrocuted and she is at peace with it. Another piece of humor in the story is on page 586 when Dick receives the bill for Quitters, Inc.’s services. On the bill is a payment for fifty cents. These fifty cents cover the electricity part of the bill for Cindy’s electrocution. At first, Dick is mad about this small price and not the other five thousand dollars he has to pay, but he and his wife just accept it. Even though the humor is very dark, readers will get a good laugh reading this short story.

The interest in the story is created when mystery and humor are combined. For example, on page 574 it is stated: “In the end, something Jimmy McCann had said convinced him to keep the appointment-It changed my whole life.” It is funny how one thing could change someone’s whole life so drastically but it is mysterious he would want to know how it changed his whole life. To be honest, the whole story is one big hook. Another example is on page 570 when Dick says ‘ “You signed a contract?” ’ interest was drawn. For starters, why did he have to sign a contract? And second, what does the contract say? This story is full of interest to keep people reading to the end.

The question of where Cindy went and what her future will be, the funny electricity bill, and the interesting change in Jimmy’s life combine to create an unethical story. Quitters, Inc. is a cruel, mental game that the clients have to struggle through although it helps them. In the real world, this would most likely never happen due to the intense amount of human cruelty. Quitters, Inc. however, is a reminder of the mafia and how they know everything about everything. In conclusion, the story creates mystery, humor, and interest all on its own to give the readers a great read about Dick’s end to his smoking addiction.


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