Assisted Suicide Is The Important Choice That Is Not Easy To Make

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Can you just imagine someone you really love and care for, alright now that you are all thinking of them what would you all do in a situation where they have a very serious disease and it is causing them a lot of pain? Would you let them slowly and painfully pass or would you want them to go out the most humane way possible feeling no pain-causing no struggle?

Good morning/afternoon Mrs frerra and class today I will be speaking to you about an assisted suicide and Euthanasia. I will be talking about some of the benefits of this act being legal.

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Assisted suicide is when a person intentionally kills themselves with the assistance of another (who provides the knowledge or means to do it). For a patient to be eligible for assisted suicide they must have a terminal illness, proving they are of sound mind, voluntarily and repeatedly expressing their wish to die.

Euthanasia is a deliberate, intentional act of one person to end the life of another person in order to relieve that person’s suffering. For example, a doctor injects a patient with a lethal substance to relieve that person from unbearable physical pain.

According to Cancer Australia, more than 50 thousand people have died from cancer this year alone. Yes, some types of cancer are curable and not all cancer patients are going to pass. But the fact is that a great number don’t make it through, and assisted suicide gives them the chance to end their suffering early.

In Australia assisted suicide is only legal in Victoria, suffering people in other states would have to travel there to be able to die with medical supervision. Unfortunately, many of these people are unable to afford it and or are too weak to make this journey. It is terrible that these people have to suffer from unbearable pain.

Think of an adult male who is unable to move most of his body and suffers from constant pain. Not only will he ever start a family or kiss his dream girl but he won’t ever have the smallest chance to do so. He can not ignore his disability, he only has two options, suffer until he dies being a constant restriction on his family, or take control over his life one last time.

There are important choices that are not going to be easy to make, especially when it comes to life and death. But everyone should have the option to free themselves from the meaningless and weary existence full of emotional and physical suffering. I hope that none of you here will ever have to make decisions like this in your life, but if you did would you prefer to have the opportunity to make this choice?  


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