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AT&T: Source Corporate Intelligence Report

Source Corporate Intelligence Report Corporate overview AT&T’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is embedded in every company level, and its CSR Governance Council is led by the chief sustainability officer and comprised of senior executives representing business areas linked to CSR topics deemed most material by stakeholders. Each senior executive member represents his or...
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AT&T: Financial Analysis And Leadership Style

AT&T is a multinational company telecommunications company. Being one of the largest how does it stack up with its competitors using financial data as discussed in my analysis. My financial analysis points out that it not only has made in an impact in the idustry it is in, but also given back to the people...
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AT&T: General Characteristics

Introduction In our country’s economic status today, we rely heavily on the presence of businesses. Offering consumers products and services that we want and need; businesses make up a significant portion of the country. With millions that can be found everywhere, the question that can be asked is: How does these businesses keep themselves running?...
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