Essays on Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn And Fashion: Comparing The Work Of Two Designers From Different Decades Of The Twentieth Century

Intro: This essay will be discussing the significance and the impact that designers had in the post WW2 era, along with the impact that Punk Rock music had on society and influenced designers work. Various subcultures and trends will also be discussed in this essay, such as the ‘Teenage Culture’, ‘Matching Outfits’, Marilyn Monroe and...

Influence Of Audrey Hepburn: Opinion Essay

From the time I was a young kid I absolutely adored movies, my mom was always busy working and my dad stayed at home with me. He had responsibilities as well so he would throw on an old movie to keep me entertained. I remember one of the movies he turned on was “Roman Holiday”...
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Audrey Hepburn: The Impact Of Film Industry On Fashion Trends

Introduction Film and fashion in the contemporary world have been ingrained in peoples mind in a way that the majority of celebrity is culture driven. The film industry is using celebrities to act as conduits in which fashion can be customised and also spread to a wide audience. As a result, it is considered as...
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Audrey Hepburn: Way Of Life

Cinema history is filled with stars created by the studio system. Controlled, molded to fit, and trained, these performers often became much more than originally met the eye. Many had natural talent, some only beauty and other performers had charm. It was extremely rare for a performer who, against all odds of what a star...
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