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Impact Of Droughts In New South Wales

The main purpose of this report is to analyse and evaluate the impact on social and economic role of business relating to the 2018 New South Wales (NSW) droughts. According to the NSW Department of Primary Industries 77% of NSW is either in drought or drought affected, while 23% is experiencing intense drought. In this...
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Price Of Gas In Australia Over The Last Ten Years: Analytical Essay

Explain what has been happening to the price of gas in Australia over the last ten years? Introduction The energy sector is a significant part of the Australian economy. Australia’s energy production and exports have grown strongly during the past 30 years, especially in recent years in response to strong global demand for energy. Australia’s...
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Consequences Of Rising Energy Costs For Heavy Industry In Australia

Introduction Australian industry and our community have enjoyed the benefits of relatively low electricity and gas prices for many decades, without suffering any significant price shocks. Competition policy reform brought significant benefits to the energy sector in terms of productivity gains. This relative energy price stability underpinned the international competitiveness of many of our industries,...
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K-pop Influence on Australian Youth

Introduction Korean pop music, or K-pop, is a genre of music from Korea. The music is the combination of electronic, hip-hop, rock and R&B. The rise of K-pop is considered to be the “second wave” of Korean cultural influence, the “first wave” being Korean dramas. Korea has expanded its cultural influence throughout the world, and...
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The Changing Face Of Retailing In Australia: How Department Stores And Discount Stores Are Evolving In The 21st Century

Brief Introduction and background information on the retailing system in Australia. Research from the cloud-based purpose of offer programming organization Vend uncovers Australia’s free retailers are among the best performing on the planet, ringing in a normal of AUD $504,979.85 yearly contrasted with New Zealand ($495,360) and the UK ($487,355). Presently in its subsequent year,...
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Australia's Role In The Vietnam War

Somewhere in the range of 1966 and 1971 every one of three ‘saber’ squadrons of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) finished two voyages through Vietnam. The SAS was based at Nui Dat where it went about as the ‘eyes and the ears’ of the First Australian Task Force (1 ATF) and worked all through...
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