Essays on Autonomy

Philosophical Traditions: Liberalism Versus Autonomy

Liberalism is a philosophical tradition that gives all people their rights, the value of personal freedom or autonomy, and the idea that every human being is of equal moral worth. So Liberalism is a historical tradition and belongs to a particular time and place, it also arose in the seventeenth century as a reaction to...
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Local Governments And The Autonomy In The Grassroots

Definition of Local Government: Local government unit is defined as the political and corporate agent and political subdivision of the National Government; vested with powers to represent the inhabitants of its territory. History of Local Government The centralized system of local government in the Philippines is a colonial imposition. Upon arriving in the rich island...
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Concept Of Autonomy: Definition And Interpretation

To understand the meaning of the word ‘autonomy’ one may first refer to the Greek roots of the term, which suggest a combination of ‘autos’ and ‘nomos’, meaning respectively self and rule or law. Originally, the Greeks applied the term with respect to the relationship between states and their right to own laws and decision...
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