Essays on Autumn

General Overview Of Autumn: Opinion Essay

As we are entering the autumn season and temperatures start to drop, people tend to spend more time indoors in the comfort of their homes. However, a walk in the park or nature is always a delight, as one is surrounded by the green, red, and yellow changes of the leave colours. This scenic stage...
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Research Paper: Why Leaves Cease Photosynthesis in the Autumn

Introduction Leaf senescence is considered the final stage of leaf development (Gan & Amasino, 1997). For deciduous trees, leaf senescence is more straightforward to observe as the leaf color changes to yellow before it falls in autumn. One vital sign of green leaves is that they use chlorophyll, a chemical component that helps plants to...
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Concept Of Autumn In Poetry

Poems are a way to create music and bring harmony to this world. The very famous poet in Greek mythology, Orpheus, walked the earth and visited the underground whilst playing his lyre and singing. He thus transmitted his emotions and sang about the things he had before him which were also his source of inspiration....
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Tree Species As Bioaccumulator Of Heavy Metals In Polluted Arid Environments: Samplings Made In Spring, Summer And Autumn

The accumulation of heavy metals (Zn, Cu, Pb and Cd) in leaves and barks of five common tree species in the city of Gabès, Tunisia were investigated for a comparative study. Samplings were performed during spring, summer and autumn. The ability of trees to accumulate a certain HMs from soil, the ability for comprehensive accumulation...
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