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Three Main Features Of The City Of Tenochtitlan

The Aztecs were a powerful society that ruled for close to 80 years . This civilisation was situated in the present day valley of mexico city. Three main features that helped solidify their dominance were there revolutionary way of harvesting called Chinampas there unique agriculture and finally their bustling trade and tradesmen. One of the...
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Main Factors Which Enabled Spain To Conquer The New World

The conquering between Spain and the native American’s started in 1492 more then 500 years ago when Christopher Columbus was funded by the Spanish king named Ferdinand and queen Isabella to find a new route to Asia sailing west side of the world. The Spanish wanted to bring Christianity in the new world because they...
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Spanish Conquests Of The Aztecs

The Spanish Conquistadors won against the Aztecs due to a combination of experience, motivation and dumb luck. The Spanish past of war and violence prepared them for any opponent, and their dirty, smelly country drove them to sacrifice anything for money and status. But the Conquistadors’ main reason for winning was the strong and powerful...
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Pyramids of Giza And Pyramids Of The Aztecs

The Aztecs were known for and are still popularly remembered for their brutality and violence towards their neighbors and enemies. Aztecs are the name that western society has placed on them, but they actually referred to themselves as Mexica’s, which is where the name Mexico came from. The Aztecs were interested in architecture, music, sculpture,...
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