Essays on Bacteria

The Evolution Of Diseases: Viruses, Bacteria, And Immunity

The immune system is a military, waiting for the perfect time to strike and win their fight against their sworn enemies, viruses and bacteria. This isn’t just a metaphor, this actually happens in real life. Our immune system fights viruses and bacteria in order to keep us healthy and safe. This essay will look into...
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Bacteria: Experiment With The Growth Of Bacteria From Different Places

Introduction (What bacteria is, how bacteria grows) – add transmission Bacteria are incredibly small microorganisms that have various effects on humans and the environment. Microorganisms that impact on the function of the host are pathogens. Most known forms of bacteria are single-celled organisms. Pathogens can be transmitted through a variety of methods, these include direct...
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Soap: The Effect Of Different Sanitation Methods In The Production Of Germs And Bacteria In Petri Dishes

Research Question: What is the effect of different sanitation methods in the production of germs and bacteria in Petri dishes? Background research: How bacteria multiplies: Bacteria don’t reproduce the same way humans and animals do. They take in several nutrients and are multiplied by diving themselves. This happens by geometric progression, that is, one cell...
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