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Queen As The Most Legendary Band In History

The 1900s gave birth to some of the most legendary bands in history. Groups like the Beatles and The Rolling Stones rocked the world with their talent and fame. Yet, even among the greats, one band stands out in particular. Starting off as an underground, english band, which was formed through an unlikely late-night coincidence,...
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Queen And Freddie Mercury: Concert Review

The band I will be writing about is the band Queen considered a Rock Band. It was said to be recorded at Montreal Forum. Brian May was an Astronomy student at Imperial College and bass player Tim Staffell who was also a student at Imperial College, they both decided to form a group. Brian put...
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Queen And Freddie Mercury: Band Analysis

Queen’s Freddie Mercury is the one true artist that showcased a great musician which made him and Queen one of the greatest bands in rock history. The band truly changed the face of Rock Music and Aids forever. Freddie Mercury was a huge influence in rock music because of him embracing characteristic, rock and roll...
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The Beatles As The Most Famous Band In History

Introduction From one of the most famous bands in history, The Beatles stand at the top with iconic record breaking albums and singles. For many people around the world, the band holds a special place in their hearts. Personally, they are important to me because their music has helped me through times I’ve felt alone...
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General Overview Of A Band: The Beatles And Their Most Popular Songs

The Beatles was the most popular English rock band formed in 1960. They were a group of artists talented in the unique sense of music. They were led by the band’s primary songwriters, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and the other 2 members of George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The Beatles produced so many songs...
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