Batman: Dark Knight Or Just Lunatic

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A hero is someone admired and looked up to for their bravery, courage, achievements, and qualities. Bruce Wayne also known as “Batman” is the perfect example of a superhero. He represents both the darkness and hope of humanity. He has no superpowers but has trained to be the best hero he possibly could be. It is often debated whether he is the Dark Knight Gotham city needs, or just another lunatic running around through the city. His origin isn’t otherworldly, he is simply a man trying to avenge the death of his parents and rid the city he loves of evil and crime.

Bruce Wayne was just a child when he witnessed both of his parents being shot and heartlessly murdered. Bruce had grown up wealthy and without a care in the world. Bruce embarks on a mission to rid all crime and avenge their deaths. This was the beginning of “Batman” a superhero without superpowers. In order to become who, he was meant to be, he had to leave Gotham city to find himself. Batman trained, exercised, and studied to be the strongest and smartest person possible. After intensely and vigorously thinking about everything Bruce decided he must wear something scary and terrorizing that would cause his opponents to be instantly frightened. He chose the Batman suit because of his personal fear of bats. He used his fear of bats to overcome his own personal weakness. By doing this, Bruce’s biggest fear turned into one of his strengths, using it to create fear in his enemies.

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Prior to Batman, young Bruce Wayne was fortunate to be born into a family with great inheritance. His parents, unfortunately, were unable to see what greatness Bruce Wayne would bring to Gotham city. But they did leave an overwhelming amount of resources for their son to succeed. While being the richest family in Gotham city, there was no doubt that when it came for Bruce to take over the family business, he would be well prepared to do so. Although Bruce had everything in the world, the loss of his parents would change his future and the direction of Wayne enterprises.

A moment that changed Bruce Wayne’s future, would be the time he met a man named Ra’s Al Ghul. This man ends up becoming the mentor of Batman, who happens to be the leader of the League of Shadows. Bruce met him in jail during his time searching for himself. By meeting him, he turns to learn from Ra’s Al Ghul and better understand his teachings. In the time spent in the League of Shadows, Bruce, was taught many things such as how to fight, different fighting styles, how to stealthily move, and how to intimidate his enemies. Batman’s first test for the league was to kill a man. He refused causing him to turn on the league. Batman then proceeds to blow up the leagues headquarters but saves Ra’s Al Ghul.

In the end his training ultimately concludes, Bruce Wayne is now the strongest and smartest he can be. He also shows compassion after he refused to murder a man. He lived with the memory of his parent’s murders and did not want to become something that haunted him every day. With his return to Gotham, he could now bring justice to his city both as batman and as the head of Wayne enterprises. Knowing that he had to take matters into his own hands he must work outside of the law. During the day he used his brains to gain an advantage of his enemies and at night he showed his strength to bring justice.

He first brings justice to the Falcone family. The Falcone family, one of the enemies Batman encounters, terrorizes Gotham with drugs, violence and a lot of crime. The major enemy to cross Batman’s path is Scarecrow. Scarecrow was named Jonathan Crane, who was a very successful doctor, with a very dark side to him. His success came with his fear toxin being put on criminals. He used this toxin to make criminals rat out themselves, which eventually led to their own convictions. By doing this he gained fame, but he truly intended to do his activities under the radar. Batman could not understand how one guy was able to take down so many crime bosses by simply being a doctor. With careful investigation, Batman figures out his plot to dump the scare gas in the water supply. As Batman begins his fight with Scarecrow, he faces a major problem. He uses the gas on Batman, causing him to hallucinate and see his fears. He is saved by Alfred and given medicine by Lucius Fox that helps him heal. His strength and determination, with a bit of help from some of his allies, was used to defeat Scarecrow and in return he achieved his goal. His efforts were not yet over as Rachel, a friend of Batman, is dying from intoxication.

If not for Alfred Pennyworth, one of Batman’s allies, Batman and Rachel could not have been saved. Alfred is a major figure in Batman’s life since he is more like a father figure to him being that he was the family’s butler. Alfred was always loyal to Bruce. Lucius Fox, a former employee of Wayne Enterprises, became Batman’s go to technology guy. Mr. Fox is critical in Batman’s success and becomes a vital ally to Batman. With the help of his two biggest allies, Batman defeats Scarecrow and secures the city of Gotham. By doing all of this, it is a major award for Batman, he defeated someone. He could be Batman, his goals of protecting his beloved city could be reached. It was a personal reward that was unsure of in the eyes of Batman. He believed in himself now and he would eventually be tested again in the future.

By having success with defeating Scarecrow, Batman is now able to come back to Gotham. He can continue his life as a businessman and as Batman since his identity had not be revealed. Now that there was no major crime and the small crime bosses were in jail, there was no need for the bat suit. To better care for his city, he turned to his company to rebuild all around him. He controlled much of the city and wanted to give back to the city he loved. His parents would have wanted that from him since they had raised him right. The help of his allies gave him a positive outlook on life and kept his head in the right place. Bruce Wayne now has a reason to live, after all the heartbreak he endured growing up. He found his purpose and is dedicated to protecting and seeing the city of Gotham flourish.


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