Essays on Behavior

Empirical Methods For Measuring Consciousness And Its Relationship With Attention

The relationship between attention and consciousness is a topic of significance and perpetual debate. Specifically, the study of consciousness has been associated with a recent focus on the problem of measurement. Many argue that a metric for consciousness is vital for experimental design and for mapping experimental results to current theories. “Because we feel that...
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People’s Perception On Certain Experiences In The Glass Menagerie And The October Sky

The world is designed in a particular way, through people’s perception on certain experiences, but made different by other people experiences. In The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, the idea of overruling truth, flaws of humanity, and different perception of others is greatly explored through different characters, with a main focus on Tom’s narration. William...

Personality Predictors Of Transparency And Accountability In Leaders

Accountability is very important for supporting ethical leadership in today’s global economy (Beu 2000; Lagan & Moran, 2006; Sikka, 2017) and is one of the central constructs to protect business and organizational ethics. Leaders with accountability provide attention to the development of ethical perspectives within organizational components. Leaders need to make ethically accountable decisions in...
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Personal Enjoyment And Pleasure As Reasons Of Procrastination

Procrastination is defined as an irrational tendency to delay tasks that should be completed (Lay, 1986). Everyone puts things off sometimes, but procrastinators keep avoiding continuously and keep looking for distractions. We all make similar situations every now and then. Like that time when you didn’t sleep the whole night just to finish the research...
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Influence Of Bowlby’s Attachment Theory On Understanding Personality And Interpersonal Functioning

One of the most influential theories in relation to understanding personality and interpersonal functioning is Bowlby’s attachment theory (1969). Because attachment theory provides a framework for understanding individuals’ desire for closeness with others, their level of trust in others, and how they behave interpersonally, it makes sense that research has proven the helpfulness of assessing...
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