Behavior Modification On Procrastination

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I tend to procrastinate with my schoolwork, and continuously wait till the last minute to complete assignments. This causes me to possibly miss assignments, as well as rush to complete others which often doesn’t give me the best grade. Therefore, I would like to increase my likelihood to complete assignments on time for my behaviour modification assignment. By doing this I will be more likely to get good grades which would help me succeed in my major. As well as increase my chances of being accepted into a graduate program after graduation.

For a week I recorded my antecedents, behaviours, and consequences (ABCs) related to procrastination and being able to complete my assignments efficiently. The antecedents I notice are a long day where I’m too tired, doing my work in bed where I tend to doze off, choosing to do things I want to do before the things I need to do, and always trying to use the excuse of I will complete it later. Due to my procrastination, I have missed a couple of assignments, and it seems as if I’m always rushing in the last couple of hours to complete everything. This behaviour is something I have control over, but it’s a matter of changing my normal habits and making better decisions. The consequences of this behaviour are not having time to put more effort and review into my assignments to get a better grade, and possibly missing my assignments therefore,, hurting my overall grade in the class. I find that I continue to do this behaviour due to avoiding things I don’t want to do and trying to excuse it by finding better things I would like to do. Although, I am more likely to complete things earlier if I know for certain I won’t have time another day to complete it, or there is an opportunity for extra credit if it’s turned in before the due date.

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This behavior modification could be labeled as a SMART goal for several reasons. It is specific because I have defined my overall goal of completing assignments on time without procrastination. This goal is measurable because I will track the amount of times that I have completed assignments early, as well as how early it was completed in the note’s app of my phone. My goal is achievable because it is a behaviour that I have control over, and something that I am willing to work towards. It is realistic because it is something I struggle with weekly, and something that can improve. Finally, it is time-bound due to me having three weeks to complete this assignment.

I will be utilizing positive reinforcement by adding something desired to increase my likelihood to complete assignments on time. As well as positive punishment by adding something undesired to decrease the likelihood for procrastination. After reviewing my baseline data, I think the easiest thing to change would be my antecedents to hopefully see some progress towards my goal. By altering my mindset of I can just do it later and completing all my work at my desk opposed to in bed I will be more likely to complete assignments on time and not miss any due dates. I hope this effort will lead to less anxiety over rushing to submit an assignment and give me more time to relax at night by completing what needs to be done earlier.

The short-term reinforcement I’m planning to use in an attempt to change my behaviour is for each day that I complete my work early without procrastinating I will utilize positive reinforcement by rewarding myself with free time to watch Netflix and go to sleep early. In turn, the short-term punishment I’m planning to use to change my overall behaviour is if I don’t complete my work early without procrastinating then instead of free time I have to spend my time completing my work and have to spend one extra hour studying and completing later assignments. I will record in my notes app whenever I am able to complete a task early and avoid procrastination.

The long-term reinforcement I’m planning to use in an attempt to change my behaviour is for every week if I reach my goal at least 6 out of 7 days then I can go to sonic and get a route 44 of my favourite drink dr. pepper. The long-term punishment I’m planning to use is if I don’t complete my assignments early without procrastinating at least 6 out of 7 days out of the week then I can’t drink any dr. pepper over the weekend and instead have to drink water.


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