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Social Media

Nowadays many people, especially students, are using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Many have access to social media through smartphones, computers, and laptops. It helps us to contact friends, family, and others even though they live far away. Although some say social media can make it easier to make friends and help people to identify themselves, it still has had a more negative impact on humans, it is ineffective because it is addictive, it impacts on the amount of sleep we get, and lastly, it causes anxiety and depression.

Social media is very addicting. Researchers state that tweeting is harder to prevent than cigarettes and alcohol. According to my packet number two, too much usage of social media causes relationship problems, worse academic achievement and less participation in offline communities’ (packet number two). “They found that excessive usage was linked to relationship problems worse academic achievements and less participation in online communities and found that those who could be more vulnerable to a social media addiction include those dependent on alcohol” (page 7, packed #2), this demonstrates how social media is more addictive than alcohol and cigarettes.

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In many recent studies teenage and young adult users who use the most social media platforms have a greater risk of depression and anxiety than those who spent the least time. If we are not careful, untrustworthy people can target you for cyberbullying and harassment on social media. Packet number three states, “cyberbullying having of this sorted view of other people’s opinions and perceived waste of time are some of the factors that lead to stress and depression.” It is way easier to bully people because now we have social media, which makes people target others easily just by one click, you can submit a negative comment on someone’s post or messages.

Many people used to spend the night in the dark, but we are now surrounded by artificial lighting all day and night. In package number three, researchers found that how often people logged on rather than time spent on social media sites is about the higher prediction of disturbed sleep suggesting an ̈obsessive checking. ̈ (According to Jessica Brown in packet number three) “Distant inhibit the body’s production of the hormone Malaysian in which facilitate sleep and blue light which is emitted by smartphone and laptop screen is said to be the worst culprit.¨ In other words, if at night you’re lying down on a pillow browsing Facebook and Twitter you’re headed for restless sleep.

Lastly, although social media has positive effects such as connecting with friends easier it still has more negative impact on social media because it is very addictive, causes depression and impacts the amount of sleep we get. Social media is more addictive than alcohol or cigarettes, we can start browsing and never stop because there are so many interesting posts that can keep us browsing over and over and distracting us from the world. It is way easier for others to cyberbully, and anyone can submit negative messages or comments and lead others into a depression since everything in social media happens in just one click. Finally, social media has a tremendous effect on human physical and mental wellness.


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