Essays on Bias

Definition Of Media Bias And Its Impact On Public

Have you ever heard about Media Bias? Well if not you got to be aware of it because it’s on our daily basis. A brief and professional definition of it will clarify your thoughts. Media Bias is the interpretation that the media is reporting the news in a prejudiced manner. Media bias occurs when the...
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Definition Of Gender Bias And Experiments

Gender bias has been an issue for several centuries now. Evolution supposedly changes the world and the humans. But the society never seems to have changed as much as it appears. It is known that throughout the years men have favoured way more than women. Sure, there are several legendary stories of women fighting for...
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Common Biases And Errors In Decision Making

I have chosen the topic ‘Common biases and errors in decision making’. Research has shown that decision makers let preset bias and errors into decisions to reduce effort of brain, conserve time and avoid any trade off. I remember one clear incidence from my job, where my decision was driven by a bias. I worked...
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