Essays on Big Data

Role Of Big Data Analytics In Smart City: An Overview

Abstract The concept of smart city has emerged with an aim of alleviating exceptional challenges occurred as a result of continuous urbanization. Many governments nowadays are inclined towards the adoption of big data applications to implement smart cities so that living standards of people could be improved. The concept of smart city is realized by...
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Prospect And Characteristics Of Big Data Analytic In The Health Care System

The prospect of Big data analytic in the health care system Big data analytics owns the potential to revolutionize the routine of healthcare operational and administrational practices by opening the prospect to make affirmed conclusions by accessing clinical and additional medical data repositories. Big data relevance in health sector includes amassing large categories of data...
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Big Data: Application In Government, Healthcare And Auditing

Digital information is produced by apps, cameras, online searches, social media, website visits and more. It contains a variety of data in increasing volumes and high velocity. This is known as the 3 Vs. Volume is when the amount of data matters — some organizations may have terabytes of data and others, petabytes. The rate...
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Real Time Big Data Privacy In Healthcare

The term ‘big data’ alludes to the agglomeration of enormous and complex informational collections, which surpasses existing computational, stockpiling and correspondence capacities of regular techniques or frameworks. In social insurance, a few elements give the vital driving force to outfit the power of enormous information. As medicinal services specialists search for each conceivable method to...
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The Role Of Big Data In Agriculture

With the rapid digital transformation of worldwide businesses, data has soon become one of the foremost valuable resources in the world. Agricultural farming with big data is gaining power by using technologies such as soil sensors and livestock monitoring devices to generate reams of priceless information. It is expected that agricultural businesses will make better-informed...
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Literature Review: The Emergence Of Big Data In Business

I. Introduction: In this digital age we live in today, corporate businesses are continuing to search for the safest, fastest, and most efficient technology in order to satisfy their customers. Of all the recent technology advances which have emerged over recent years, none may be more beneficial but at the same time more challenging than...
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Big Data Analytics (BDA): Technology And Application Review

Introduction: This is a STAR paper on Big Data Analytics (BDA) – i.e. a critical and reflective analysis of the current state of the art in the Big Data area. The core components of this paper are a technological review of the cutting-edge in BDA, as well as an application review that focuses on the...
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Big Data: The Four V’s And Use For Business Innovations

Big Data:- Big data refers to large volumes of information collected within a business over time. In this case, most of the data being collected is market information stemming from consumer usage. This information is essentially a constant loop of feedback from different kinds of consumers. Big Data: The Four V’s:- One can separate big...
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