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Anne’s life span was short. The birth date of Anne is still currently unknown. Historians guess that she only lived for about 26 years. Anne Boleyn had two siblings, a sister and a brother. Her younger sister’s name was Mary Boleyn, and a brother whose name is George Boleyn, it is unknown if he was older or younger. The baseline of Anne’s life is that when she was young she was sent to school far away and had spent most of her beginning life there. She later came back as a more proper young lady a time had passed. Her family was respected by the royal family and one day the King came to visit. Anne’s sister had previously got married and it was Anne’s job to impress the King and hopefully get a job at the palace, although things went south and the King wasn’t impressed by her and her foolish acts but instead had gotten interested in Mary. He had made her a proposition to work at the palace as one of the queens ladies in waiting and she accepted only if her sister could come as well. He King was quite interested in her so he accepted. Mary didn’t want to take the job but she knew she had to, so a while later she and Anne were sent to the palace and started to work for the queen. King Henry had summoned Mary to his bedchambers and they made love, to which after Anne went crazy and tried getting married to another man which was stopped and perceived as “not a true marriage” and Anne was sent to France where she learned trickery. A few years later she came back and Mary had gotten pregnant with a baby boy and given birth to him. Anne had started tricking and using reverse psychology on King Henry which had gotten him interested in her. They sent love notes for a while and Anne would deny his feelings saying that she would only accept them if they were married. This drove the King mad and he would stop at nothing for her. Anne had suggested getting his marriage annulled and so he can marry her instead and he did just that. Later Anne and the King had gotten a secret marriage and she got a coronation making her queen. Later Anne had gotten pregnant and had a stillbirth. After this she got pregnant 16 more times but all but 5 children ended in stillbirths four of which died before the age of four, only one child remained alive and her name was Elizabeth. The King had gotten bored of Anne after she could not bare him a son and he had gotten interested in another girl. The King had filed false charges against Anne who was then proven guilty and beheaded. Later on her legacy still lives on with Elizabeth who claimed the throne and her relatives still rule today.

Mary had many conflicts from with in her story some of which is that Anne struggled with tricKing the King to marry her and annul his marriage, this was more minor because her biggest obstacle that she couldn’t face is her getting beheaded.

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Anne Boleyn still has words of hers alive to day some of such are, “Good Christian people, I am come hither to die, for according to the law, and by the law I am judged to die, and therefore I will speak nothing against it. I am come hither to accuse no man, nor to speak anything of that, whereof I am accused and condemned to die.” Anne said this right before she was beheaded. She had been forced to walk up to where she was being beheaded and she stood and yelled this for those who were there to hear.

Another quote is, “Remember me when you do pray, that hope doth lead from day to day.” this was also said when she was to be beheaded although it is not for sure that, that was where she said it.

The last and final quote to be written here is, “If any person should meddle with my cause, I require them to judge the best’.” she had said this when she was being judged on false charges. She was proven guilty and she was beheaded, even though she did not do the things he was charged on.

King Henry Vlll actually broke away from the church to marry Anne thusly she was the cause of this. She was known for her execution and marriage if only for 1000 days to the King. She is also known for giving birth to Queen Elizabeth. These things had contributed to a lot of change in the land of England. Since they broke from the church the Kingdom sort of went to chaos but King Henry had made a new church. Anne also drove the King mad. Sure he already had been having affairs but she was the start of many wives to be beheaded. Anne also gave birth to Elizabeth whose descendants are still alive today ruling the Kingdom of England also known as Queen Elizabeth the second. The original Elizabeth was known as the greatest ruler of England.

Anne had many character traits, one of which could be cunning. This is a more obvious character trait when it comes to Anne. she had used very cunning ways to make the King marry her and annul his marriage to the queen.

Another character trait of Anne’s is innocence. When the King accused her of many deeds she had not done, meaning she was innocent. In the end the King became to bored of her and had her head cut off. King Henry fell in love with another woman an she as well was beheaded.

There aren’t many traits that can be gathered from her past, and these two are the best ones. As far as it is known we can’t gather much more from her past but this.

Fun fact Anne’s portrait is hung up in the halls of Hogwarts. 


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