Biography Of Julius Caesar

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 Gaius Julius Caesar was brought to life in 100BC he was born in Rome in a city called Subaru, when Caesar was six he started to learn and was taught by he was taught by a special tutor named Marcus Antonius Gnipho. He was taught how to speak in public and around people and also learned how to write and read and as you can see these skills would be important for someone to need to be a leader.

As Caesar started to come into his teenage years his dad passed away when Caesar was only sixteen. After he died, Caesar took over the whole family and became the leader, and took care of his sister and mother. Near to his final years as a teenager, Caesar married one of the daughters of a very worthy and well-known politician in Rome her name was Cornelia.

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The Assassination: A group of men met somewhere in October, some that were Caesar’s friends and others that hated him they all met together in smaller groups so they would not have been detected. The men realized the attack needed to be soon and fast because Caesar was about to take his army on a three-year campaign, but where should they kill him, well lucky for them Caesar’s bodyguard had left him with Caesar thinking and daring that no one would kill him. The men decided they were going to kill him at the theater of Pompey (which was the senate) on March 15. The weapons the attackers chose was a short double-edged dagger ready to kill

On the day of the attack the men were ready, there were 100 different reasons Caesar couldn’t attend a few being that A bird flew into the Theater but luckily got devoured by a bigger bird, her wife had a dream about her bleeding to death out of her arms and a soothsayer warned him off going to the Theater. Caesar was also very sick but one of the conspirators came to his house urging him to come and not to disappoint those waiting for him.

Caesar finally agreed to go but as soon as he got there people started to warn him about how dangerous this could be but Caesar ignored and continued. A man named Cimber unexpectedly approached Caesar and confronted him about his exiled brother, of course, Caesar did not greet him so Cimber pulled Caesar’s Toga back. This was the time the men rushed in and a man named Casca dealt the first blow, all the other men scurried in surrounding the shocking caesar. All of them started to shank caesar until he fell to the ground with twenty-three blows.

Aftermath: after Julius Caesar’s death the men thought it would turn back to the old Rome spirit, but that wasn’t the case people started to become more hostile and the rules of caesar stayed, so after the men found out this and realized there was no peace they fled Rome and meet their end. All the men died, some in shipwrecks, some in battles, and others killed themselves with the knives they killed Caesar with. 


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