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Good morning/ afternoon I will be talking about Mother Teresa, whether she was more priestly, prophetic or kingly and what her work. Mother Teresa real name is Anjeze Gonthe Bojaxhau. The main thing that Mother Teresa was known for was that she was the founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity a Roman Catholic congregation of women dedicated to helping the poor.

Mother Teresa vocation, blessed Teresa of Calcutta was a Roman Catholic religious sister and missionary of Albanian origin why lived most her life in India. Mother Teresa founder the missionaries of charity, a Roman Catholic religious catholic congregation, which currently consists of over 4500 sister and is active in over 133 countries. It was at the age of 12 that mother Teresa first felt called to religious life. 6 years later, in 1982 at 18 she decided to become a nun and set off for Ireland to join the Loreto sisters of Dublin mother Teresa quickly translated this somewhat vague calling into concrete actions to help the city’s poor. Since mother Teresa had taken a vow of obedience she could not leave her convent without official permission. That August, donning the blue- and white sari that she would wear in public for the rest of her life she left the torreto convent and wondered out into the city.

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“If I cannot speak, he will speak. If I cannot pray.” One of Mother Teresa’s most recognized progress come to know us her “business card” the fruit of silence is prayer, is faith the, the fruit of faith is love, the fruit of love is service, the fruit of service is peace.

She changed her name to Teresa when she was appointed to be a nun. The poor and needy started to call her mother due to her works. Numerous amounts of people look up to mother Teresa as someone that could change the world and she did she changed the way people look life and god.

The true lesson of Mother Teresa is to live your life on your values anyway. Conditions should never deter one from his or her personal goals and mission. When we live our life based on positive, time-honoured and life giving values like integrity, charity and compassion, we will be blessed with energy and fulfilment. Thrown into the impoverished, unsanitary god dangerous conditions of the streets of Calcutta, mother Teresa never allowed the conditions of the squalor on the streets affect her value of charity, whether or not she felt like doing so. Nun and missionary Mother Teresa, known in the Catholic Church as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, devoted her life to caring for the sick and poor. Born in Macedonia to parents of Albanian-descent and having taught in India for 17 years, Mother Teresa experienced her ‘call within a call’ in 1946.

You could try your best to support homeless people and treat everyone as equal as everyone else because we all live here and we want to live so help each other’s out. This would reflect on her values because when she is in Calcutta she wanted to help more people on the streets so she started to by place to let people die under a roof so that they dint have to die on the streets 


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