Essays on Birds

Use Of Urban Water Bodies By Birds

I. Abstract Habitat destruction as a result of urbanization has led to species extinction and biotic homogenization in ecosystems across the world. This report investigates how the size of urban water bodies influences which birds use them. An ecological survey of Sydney ponds The results were not found to be statistically significant II. Introduction Today,...
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Birds In Analyzing The World’s Crisis Of Biodiversity

Birds are a good organism to analyze when looking at the world’s crisis of biodiversity because birds can virtually be found anywhere around the world and live in almost every environment. Also, birds have been studied for a long time and they are very well known and have very accurate information about them which may...
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Phorusrhacidae: Terror Birds Research Paper

Phorusrahicidae is the scientific name, this creature is known as the terror birds. They were class birds, and the phylum was chordate. They also were the biggest birds during the Cenozoic era. This creature was from 3ft 10 into 10ft 10in tall. In addition, they have been extinct from 62 – 1.8 million years ago....
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