Black Death: Effects On The Catholic Church And On Decline Of Feudalism

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The black death was a disastrous disease outbreak that wiped out two thirds of the continent. There were many short-term effects in the way it wiped out so many people in such a short amount of time, and long term effects like the way we treat illnesses, the population loss and the towns and building left in ruble. The black death morally effected the feudal system.

Short term effects

the black death was a shock to everyone, basically once you got symptoms of the bubonic, pneumonic or the septicemic plague you were basically done for. Many villages and small towns were wiped out very quickly. Once many people were wiped out the church raised the tax wages and forced people to pay more money. Because so may people got wiped out they had to invent things to replace the jobs other people did, they couldn’t get people with experience because they were all dead so they either had to train people up, which would take a long time or come up with new machines that can do the work for them. “people thought it was the end of the world”.

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Change in medicine

The way that people and doctors used treat people have changed a lot in the past few hundred years, if people had the plague they would do many different things they thought to work like praying to god, using leaches to suck out the bad blood and infection, cutting the baubles open and many other extreme things. The black death had a big say in how people should treat other patients and to do something about illness and cures, after the black death scientist and doctor’s discovered heaps of different Panadol’s that could cure many diseases, many new people trained in the department of doctor and learnt new things and came up with new things. These days so many people are using medication that we are running out of the essentials when people get sick, some of the medicine that people use is making the bad cells un killable.

Effects on the catholic church

When the black death hit the catholic church were horrified, they thought that whatever was killing so many people was a punishment from god and it was unforgivable, the church prayed and prayed and payed but it did no good so they thought it was all their fault. Because the plague killed so many people heaps of people from the church were killed so many lower class people had to fill in the upper class people that had passed away, this change in rolls manipulated the feudal system and the way other people treated others. In addition, the plague had a long-lasting effect on the religious thought as it resulted into despair throughout the entire family of Christianity. Many people re-visited their relationship with God and looked up to the church to mitigate the effects of the disease but more shocking to the Christianity family was the fact that even clerics died in great number from this disease.

Decline of feudalism

The black death heavily effected the feudalism and the power of the lower-class people, the plague wiped out a lot of people and some very important higher class people, because people higher on the feudal system were killed people lower had to step up and fulfill the roles, when the black death hit serf and servants were free to land and they had more power and abilities, so many people were killed and there was less and less people providing for other people, servants and lower class people had to work a lot harder to provide for people and work a lot harder in their jobs, The direct impacts on economy and society were basically a reduction in production and in consumption. The epidemic clearly caused economic effects which brought about the deepest ever recession in history. It is important to note that it is in this era, so clearly marked by the impact of the plague, when the large-scale construction of monasteries, churches and cathedrals peters out. Consequently, it can be said that the black death is the reason the Middle Ages come to an end.

Better life for peasants

Because the black death killed so man peasants and workers is was a lot harder for the kings and lords to find workers for themselves, the peasants demanded higher wages because they had to do a lot harder work and work for longer because there wasn’t as many workers as per usual. For the harder work that the peasants did they were treated with better food to eat and nourishments. Soon after the peasants moved away from the other people to find more money in jobs some of the peasants turned to working as black smiths and other trades.


The black death was one of the most disastrous disease to ever hit the continent it wiped out millions of people and brought horror and effected a lot of people and towns. There were many short term effects and long term, it changed the way that feudal system worked and many people blamed god for bring the black death on people.


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