Essays on Blood Donation

Changes In Present E-Blood Bank System In India For Better Future

Abstract: Human blood is a fundamental component of human existence with no substitute. Deliberate blood benefactors are the foundation of a protected and sufficient stockpile of blood and blood items. The most secure blood givers are deliberate, non-compensated blood givers from generally safe populaces. Blood benefactors in India, as over the globe, are of three...
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Importance Of Blood and Organ Donation

Millions of people suffer from medical emergencies or are diagnosed with diseases that often result in the need for blood and/or organ transfusions. During different medical procedures, a patient may lose large amounts of blood, a fluid composed of plasma and formed elements to transport nutrients, waste, and other substances throughout the body. There is...

Blood Donation and Life Saver-Blood Donation App

Abstract— “ In our project we propose a new and efficient way to overcome such outline. Firstly we will search for the availability of blood in blood bank and nearby hospitals. If the blood is not available then we will search for nearby blood donors. Then the donor will be ask to enter an individual’s...
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