Essays on Body Modification

Detailed Introduction To Enzymatic Modification Technology

Since enzymes have the advantages of reaction specificity, high catalytic efficiency and mild reaction conditions, they have been increasingly used in industry, agriculture, medicine and environmental protection. But the overall has not yet reached the level of large-scale application, the main reason is that the enzyme itself has some deficiencies, such as instability, strict requirements...
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Behavior Modification: Definition And Techniques

Behavior Modification Behavior Modification can be defined as methods or ways used to reduce or improve a certain type of conduct. These methods are widely used by us all; it’s mainly used by parents to teach their children in a way to know what is good or bad. Behavior modification can be used in many...
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Usage Of Human Genetic Modification

In modern society, human genetic modification is a topic that receives a lot of controversial opinions. Human genetic modification is the direct manipulation of the genome using molecular engineering techniques; two separate ways to apply genetic modification are somatic genetic modification and germline genetic modification (Genetics and, n.d.). A recent milestone in human genetic modification...
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Tattoos: History, Attitudes And Motivations

In the last few decades, tattoos have become more popular and nowadays more and more people obtain their first tattoo. Based on North American and European researches up to a quarter of the population has at least one tattoo (Mayers, Judelson, Moriarty, & Rundell, 2002; Stieger, Pietschnig, Kastner, Voracek, & Swami, 2010), and Anderson believes,...
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Tattoos: Tradition, Modernity, Perception In The Workplace

Today, many people are making the decision to have artwork permanently tattooed onto their bodies. Although tattoos have been around for centuries and have great historical context, they are sometimes. looked down upon and stigmatized. Because of this, many professional environments have been unwilling to accept tattoos in the workplace. However, tattoos are becoming more...
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Body Tattooing And Symbolic Interactionism

Sanders and Vail (2009) state that archaeological evidence shows that during the late Stone Age, body tattooing was already being practiced by people. In our time today, tattooing and body piercing have become increasingly prevalent in popular culture for the last 30 years (Featherstone; Sweetman, as cited on Carroll & Anderson, 2002). In fact, there...
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