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Book Report: The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe

TITLE – The Chronicles of Narina: The Lion, The Witch, and The WardrobeAUTHOR – C. S. LewisGENRE – Novella (Fairytale-Children’s book)THEME – How good and evil works against each other and their limits by certain constraints on how the universe and morality works. SUMMARY The story started with the Pevensie siblings which are Peter, Susan,...
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Book Report: Management By Brian Tracy

Management is what defines the author, Brian Tracy’s career. After starting, building, and managing a company for over 30 years, he has concluded that there are no fixed answers. There are no answers that are perfect and precise all the time. The journey to managerial success is filled with never-ending learning and practice. Even for...
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Book Report: Beryl McBurnie

 This book is title Beryl McBurnie is a Caribbean biography book written by Judy Raymond. This book focuses on biography of Beryl McBurnie (1913-2000), also called “Belle Rosette” (which means Beautiful Little Lady) is a Trinidadian dancer who established the Little Carib Theater in 1945 after returning to her native country leaving a successful career...
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Book Report: Anne Of Green Gables

Characters: Anne Shirley: Protagonist, red headed orphan, very intelligent, high spirited and talks a lot, sometimes she can be stubborn but determined, she imagines a lot of stuff , she is very self conscious of her red hair. Marilla Cuthbert: Anne´s adoptive mother, she is Mathew´s sister, she is very strict and often cold and...

Book Report: Stegomyia, The Story Of My Life

Stegomyia, The Story of My Life, by William K. Adeniyi, follows the author’s life journey, revealing the numerous obstacles he overcame to achieve his dreams. It contains his childhood memories, telling about his family of origin and how life became bearable for him after his father’s demise, then worse after he lost his mother. Adeniyi...

Book Report: De Chinacode Ontcijferd

Intro A lot is said, written and discussed about China. Is China a dictatorship or a democracy in the making? Is it a colonizer in Africa or a developmental partner? Should we fear for Chinese product quality or will the Netherlands be flooded by Asian hi-tech? From the jungle of media reports it seems almost...
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Book Report: The Fault In Our Stars By John Green

The book I read was The Fault In Our Stars. The author of the book is John Green. This is a novel and the genre is young adult fiction. This book is about the love story between two cancer patients that met in a support group for cancer. Hazel has stage IV thyroid cancer and...
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