Book Review: Alexander Hamilton

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Book Review: Alexander Hamilton

One of the famous Founding Fathers of the United States of America, Alexander Hamilton was a well-known military commander, successful lawyer, proven banker, famous statesman and smart politician. He is most popularly known as the first appointed Secretary of Treasury.

Hamilton played a vital role in drafting the First Constitution of the US. Many of his instalments are in use even today. He also developed the country’s first bank, along with proposing many tariffs, policies and commercial relations with Britain. He was in charge of the Treasury Department in the First Cabinet.

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Hamilton was born out of wedlock and had difficult personal life. He was raised by a wealthy merchant but eventually left to peruse studies and later join the armed forces. He ran against Burr for the Governor of New York, who got offended and invited him to a one-on-one duel. This interaction proved fatal for Hamilton who was shot and later succumbed to his injuries. He left behind his beloved widow and eight children, along with a legacy of the founding stones for the great country.

His life has been covered by several authors. Some of these works are reviewed as follows:

1. Alexander Hamilton

A much-awaited full length biography of Alexander Hamilton, this book talks about his complete life in detail, right from his troubled birth up to his tragic death. It depicts the true picture of his life, correcting many misconceptions and doubts of his legacy.

The author talks about his troubled childhood, which he escaped to join the army. He eventually joined politics and played a vital role in drafting the first constitution and banking policies of America. He also laid the foundation for the first state bank and international commercial relationships.

Largely misunderstood and doubted, this book set the record straight for many. The details and facts given in this book are a must-read!

2. Hamilton: The Revolution

A book describing Hamilton’s struggle with life, as an illegitimate child from the Caribbean who later played a vital role in establishing the United States of America, this is based on the popular Broadway musical by the name of ‘Hamilton’. It portrays his life in an artistic way for readers/viewers to enjoy.

The book focuses on behind-the-scenes of the play. It included interviews, comments, pictures and other trivia to entertain the readers. It even has input from the ex-President of United States, Barrack Obama.

This record of the musical hit is highly recommended for those who could not watch it at all. It is also a prized collection for those who want to keep good memories of the revolutionary programme.

3. Who Was Alexander Hamilton?

Another book covering the popular musical Hamilton, this book narrates the story of the founding father is an engaging way. It talks about how he came from the Caribbean as a troubled illegitimate child, and rose as one of the country’s most popular lawyer, banker and politician.

The book came out in the trend of popularity of the musical, and gives a detailed account of Hamilton’s life. It also talks about how his life ended tragically, as a result of the duel with his election opponent Burr, who shot him in lower abdomen. The injuries eventually took the life of Hamilton the next day.

This book I targeted at all age groups and is capturing young audience and teaching them about their country’s foundations.

4. Alexander Hamilton: the Outsider

Although Hamilton was born in the West Indies, he escaped his rough childhood to arrive America. Here he was part of the revolution which resulted in laying the foundation for the Great America. He was one of George Washington’s most trusted and valuable associates.

Alexander Hamilton played a vital role in writing the First Constitution of the newly established country, as well as establishing the First State Bank. He also developed good commercial relationship policies with, whom he had fought during his service in the army.

This book narrates the gripping tale of how an outsider from the Caribbean became the man on the dollar bill. It is quite an engaging read for history lovers.

5. Alexander Hamilton, Revolutionary

A detailed biography of the revolutionary man, this book narrates the popular story of the rise of a troubled orphaned illegitimate child from the streets to the government offices of America.

This biography gives an unbiased story of both Hamilton’s legendary accomplishments as well as his criticised flaws. However, despite being unpopular and misunderstood, his role in writing the constitution, which is part of the current laws even today, and his policies for the first state bank of the country, all are acknowledged and applauded for being vital in laying down a strong foundation for the superpower of the world.

An interesting read which tells the story like it is, this one is unique in its engaging fresh tone.

6. Alexander Hamilton: First Architect Of The American Government

Alexander Hamilton had had his share of being misunderstood and even hated by many, an unfortunate impression promoted well by his many enemies. His flaws of womanising and duelling fuelled up this negativity.

This book talks about how he was a great man and the role he played in founding one of the greatest countries in the modern world. His role as George Washington’s most trusted associate as well as his part in forming the constitution and the commercial policies are not at all ordinary. His achievements and contributions are well-cherished in this biography.

For those who believed the wrong ideas his rivals spread, this book is necessary to clear up many misconceptions.

7. Alexander Hamilton, American

Composed by a witty and graceful author, this biography helps see the founding father as he is, a truly remarkable statesman, politician, banker and lawyer, not to mention immensely devoted and loyal to a country he helped form and establish. He had the misfortune of having his flaws highlighted more than his contributions to America.

The author has made a credible attempt at clearing up the aftermath of the sex scandal and duelling losses, and has managed to highlight his role forming the first constitution and the first state bank of the newly formed country.

This book is another of the many biographies paying tribute to the misunderstood Hamilton. It succeeds in doing so as a result of the author’s creative and humorous words.

8. Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life

This book attempts to present Hamilton is a good spotlight, like so many other biographies. It shows Hamilton as a self-made man who struggled as an illegitimate orphaned teenager, who joined the army, and later went to fight in the revolution, emerging victorious. This feat enabled him to play an important role as founding father of the nation, along with forming the constitution and the state bank policies for the newly formed country.

A truly remarkable inclusion in this book is the small quotes and writings of Hamilton, giving small pointers to lead a successful life. These have been collected from various sources and help in clearing up the wrong air surrounding his tragically short life.

9. Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History of an American Founding Father

Hamilton has been written down in the books of history as a Founding Father of the United States of America, along with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. He was impertinent to the first constitution of the country and the forming of the policies for the first state bank of the country. His contributions also allowed him to be immortalised on the dollar bill.

This book has been written to include the details of his life and contributions. The unique thing about this one is the comic-book-like illustrations which accompany the story. The graphics make the book very engaging and clearly tell the story.

For those who get bored of monotonous history-like narration, this graphic biography shines a bright light on the pages of history.

10. Alexander Hamilton: Writings (LOA #129) (Library of America Founders Collection)

A lesser-known side to the great founder, Alexander Hamilton, is his talent as a write. This compilation includes several of his writings, speeches, draft etc. Composed in different points of his life, this collection tells the story of his life in his own words. It is therefore quite unique and sought after by history buffs.

The writings also include his working papers for the constitution. He was a lawyer by profession and therefore the technicalities were so well taken care of that the laws he drafted are still in use today. Same goes for his policies for the banking system, since he was a proven banker as well, a skill which made him the first head of treasury of the newly formed United States.


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