Essays on Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party And Signing Of Tea Act

Ever wonder why America’s history is so important? There were several things that occurred like for example: the Civil War, Civil Rights movement, Women’s Rights movement and well, the famous Boston Tea Party. But, what led this act to happen in the first place? And, why did it mark its place in the American Revolution?...
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Paul Revere: Biography And Role In Boston Tea Party

Paul Revere is a historical figure who was very important at the time he was alive. He was part of the Boston Tea Party and famous for his warning about the british coming in 1775. Paul Revere is and has always been known for his actions. My point of choosing Paul Revere is to show...
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The American Revolution And The Boston Tea Party

The American Revolution took place in the Thirteen Colonies between the years 1763 and 1783. There were many participants in this war, however, Great Britain and the United States were the most prominent. Countries such as France and Spain joined the war as allies to the United States as a sign of revenge after losing...
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