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Features Of Adolescent Brain

The ways in which teenagers behave is partially affected by their peers. Teenagers are unlikely to make decisions on their own, and this is due to their brain pattern changing and maturing. Adolescence is a period of time in a teenagers’ brain whereby significant growth and development occurs. During this period of time, changes such...
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Brain Injury And Memory Loss

Memory is the process of drawing past experiences to use this information in the present (Sternberg, 1999) Unknowingly or knowingly, it plays a massive role in our life. Firstly, lets shed some light on the parietal lobe (PL) located in the back of the mind, also known as the primary sensory area, because its prime...
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Research Method To Understand Brain Function

This essay will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of three research methods that cognitive neuroscientists use when looking to understand brain function, the biological bases of behaviour and mental processing. Two of three research methods to be discussed look at hemodynamic based brain imaging that is Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and functional Magnetic Resonance...
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The Simplicity Of The Human Brain

The human brain is one of the most vital and fascinating structures in the human body. It is responsible for the production of all our thoughts, actions, and experiences. Over the years, our world has advanced in many different aspects, such as technologically and politically. With how much our world has changed, life has lost...
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Cognitive Power Initiated by A Different Sized Brain: Parrot

Besides human, parrots and some songbirds, there have never been other specie able to mimic other specie’s language. It is been taken as an insult when you get a comment such as having a bird like brain, but after a variety of studies scientists think it should be a compliment due to the high intelligence...
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