Brand Awareness Through Social Networking

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Brand is a selection of words, behaviour and attitudes that addresses the target audience. It is a symbol that creates an image of a brand, so in simple words, a method to bring the customers’ attention, it promotes recognition to let people feel more happy and secure to buy the products. Brand awareness is the key success of any business. Good and familiar brands in the market can provide an opportunity to marketers to get loyal and get a good range of customers. Brand awareness plays an important role for consumer decision making process. It argues that brand enrich their lives, give them something to aspire from and help in defining their own identities.

Social media is the most common source for spreading the information worldwide to engage the customers. From communication to businesses, news and most advertisement is on social media and therefore has a great impact on everyone’s daily life. For customers’ engagement and brand awareness it is important for marketers to plan and make strategies which are very useful for their businesses. It has not always a positive impact but also has some negative impacts. Brand reputation is important for marketers as social media is a valuable and easy tool for them. Marketers mainly target most famous platforms (Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram) This is because social platforms allow to share their product information and allow customers to be aware about the product’s features and quality and therefore empower and advertise their brand. If consumers see the same product’s features in various brands, they naturally compare them. Firstly, they evaluate the price to buy the cheaper one, or if they’re the same they will obviously buy the most popular one on social medias as a way to show off or because it’s more known and so more reliable. This might be because of the brand’s fame and reputation, as disliked products breed bad reviews which would decrease the company’s profit. Customers can discuss about the products with their friends or other users, make debates( where they express their view, suggestion and recommendation about the product), reviews, in this way they promote the brands which is a good source to increase the brand recognition and value of the organisation. As most recognition, most success and sometimes companies also take part in discussions by organising quiz programmes, conducting surveys offering them different packages and they create a strong forum where online society take part and become their brand ambassador. Social networking users build a strong relationship and perform the marketing activities for the organisation and increase their growth and productivity.

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