Braveheart Book Versus Movie: Opinion Essay

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Braveheart is a movie and was adapted to a book, the movie came out in 1995 and there is a lot of different adaptation of the book, I read a version of 2000. The writer of the book is called Randall Wallace.

Randall Wallace: is a screenwriter, producer, film director… he wrote the book and the movie Braveheart but not only, he also wrote the man in the iron mask, We Were Soldiers…

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Personally, I read the book and saw the movie and the movie is far better but now I will explain the story.

Story: the story begins with the father of the main character (called William Wallace) that goes to a rebellion of farmers against the Englands and die, what left William alone, in the funeral of his father a young girl gave him a flower.

After the funeral, an old man told William that he has to go with him and he will teach him a lot of things, so they went together and the old man thought him how to read, write, talk French, Latin… and finally how to fight.

The story continues some years after when he comes back to his natal city and see the girl that gave him the flower the day that his father died and then they become in loves… in this period England was conquesting all Scotland and the Scottish didn’t have any power and was controlled by the Englands. One day a governor of England saw the beautiful girl and tried to rape her but she didn’t let him and she called William and the royal guards and him started a fight, he told the girl to run and escape and that the what she did but the guards captured her and killed her.

When William came back to the town he saw that the guards are hiding and are waiting to kill and then he understand that the girl was dead and at this moment he was really hungry and started to kill everyone with the help of the farmers, like that started the reconquesting of Scotland.

After a lot of war the Englands finally won a big war and almost all his man were dead because of some Scottish noble betrayed him and haven’t helped him in the war, after this war he slowly he started to kill those nobles who betrayed on him and with his men that were still alive he conquested some cities of Scotland and tried to conquest a city in Englands but something went wrong and the Englands captured him.

After long torture, he died before all the city watching him, before he died he yelled LIBERTY and when his last men headed this they continued to fight for the liberation of Scotland and now it’s a symbol of Scotland. Only 100 years after this story Scotland became a country.

My opinion: the book and the movie are very similar and honestly the movie is far better (he won 5 Oscars) i really love history books and movies and this one is a classic one, it’s an excellent book for someone who likes war, drama, and thriller but, the movie is still better.


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