Essays on Breastfeeding

Critical Analysis: Overselling Breastfeeding Versus Surgeon Generals Call To Action For Breast Feeding

The general message conveyed in the article “Overselling Breast-Feeding” was to distinguish between the positives and negatives of breast-feeding and formula feeding. The article also betrays different roles in the way society and health professionals distinguishes mothers’ capabilities of feeding their baby. There are many benefits on all sides that include breast pumping, breast-feeding, and...
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Breastfeeding: Tanzania Case Study

Child malnutrition has become a global embarrassment; particularly in the developing world where malnutrition is the attributable cause of more than half of all child deaths. In West and Central Africa – a region with some of the highest child malnutrition and mortality rates worldwide – 56 percent of child deaths could be averted if...
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Mother’s Knowledge On Importance Of Exclusive Breastfeeding

Many studies conformed that the reasons for the low exclusive breastfeeding rates to the baby aged 0-6 months worldwide are many and vary from country to country. Common reasons include Poor understanding of the role of breastfeeding in advancing human and health rights complacency, which may be one of the biggest threats to optimal infant...
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