Essays on Business Law

Law Regulating Directors' And Stakeholders' Liability

In England and Wales, companies are held to be separate entities from the its directors and shareholders. Company directors use this veil of incorporation which they have been granted to make decision for the company and its shareholders without any thought of having to deal with the burden of personal liability. Through the manifestation of...
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Contract Law: Elements And Types Of Contracts

Contracts and Legislation Relevant Legislation There are two types of legislation concerning contracts: Contract Law Consumer Law The Competition and Consumer Act of 2010 (CCA) is the main legislation that governs contracts. The Consumer Law, which is contained in the Competition and Consumer Act of 2010, controls ‘consumer transactions for all goods and services, except...
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Breach Of Duty In Partnership Agreement

Principles and Risks of Partnerships, Trusts And Company Law The partnership is largely based on the principles of trust, commitment and respect between the partners mutually agreed upon a goal and outcome. The partners identify their strengths and weakness and share their assets and capabilities for the business. The partners have a feedback mechanism aimed...
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Business Structures: Types, Characteristics And Legal Regulation

This report explores the four principal business structures, and provides an evaluation of each. The business structures I will be discussing are as follows: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership and Registered Company. Sole Proprietorship This is a one-man/woman business. Anyone can set up a business and start trading under their own name, or a...
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Legal Regulation Of Incorporation Process

Introduction Incorporation is the legal process used to form a company or corporate entity. The resultant legal body is a company that splits the assets and income of the business from its proprietors and stakeholders. Corporations can be formed in almost any country in the world and are usually known as such by using words...
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Legally Defining Different Types Of Business Organizations

Today, the business has turned out to be extremely competitive and widespread. In this period business has turned out to be unpredictable and it will be increasingly intricate step by step. In contrast to earlier century, business continuously changing its dimension. Now business structures are more complex than any time ever. A business analyst must...
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Joint Stock Companies: Advantages, Disadvantages, Legal Boundaries

A Joint Stock Company, public company, is a legal entity that issues shares for the purposes of raising funds for the performance of its activities shall be deemed the joint-stock company. JSC’s capital charter consists of its founders’ payments for shares at their par value and payments from investors for JSC’s shares placed at a...
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Corporate Espionage And Intellectual Property

Introduction Corporate espionage is an illegal activity though it is on rise in business settings. Many organizations consider it as one of the techniques to increase their market share and beat the competitor. Several laws have been approved to combat these practices on domestic and international levels. Violation of these acts can result is hefty...
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