Essays on Business Plan

The Elements Of Business Plan

Abstract The development of strategies and tactics of production and business activities of the organization is the most significant task for a new entrepreneur. A generally accepted form of proceeding strategies and tactics is a Business Plan. After reading all the possible information and doing some studies, I tried to write as much as possible...
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Business Plan: The Supply Shop Project

The Supply Shop About us The supply shop is a sole proprietor providing the general supplies in Lahore city. The enterprise is helping the nation by providing the supplies and saving the time and money of offices. Executive Summary Our business plan is to provide general supplies like (stationary, kitchen grocery, logo cups and pen,...
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Business Plan: How To Develop And Implement A Business Plan

Business Plan Business Profile With the increasing globalization and increasing demand for products in external markets, trading businesses are on a boom. It has been recognized that total bilateral trade of goods and services from Australia amounted to nearly USD64.4 billion in 2017(The guardian, 2019). Thus it can be observed that there is immense potential...
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Business Plan: All Phones Repair

All Phones Repair Prime Function: All Phones Repair can repair all kinds of mobile phones from all manufacturers. It is a fast, reliable and professional service. We provide quality repairs to all types of mobile phones and our focus is fixing your phone as quickly and safely as possible. There are many phone repairs businesses...
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Business Plan: An Architectural Firm Rcdesigns Ltd

Executive Summary RCDesigns Ltd is an architectural firm that will be specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial architecture in domestic and international markets that will be based at Ebene in the center of Mauritius. The firm will offer architectural services utilizing innovatively prevalent procedures, giving more noteworthy incentives to customers and upgraded structure and development....
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Business Plan For Robson Engineering

Executive Summary This report aims to prepare a business plan for a comprehensive business plan for Robson Engineering. The company started its operation in the year 10980 and has a vast experience in making the connecting rods as well as other automotive precision-engineered products as well. Currently, the company selling its products to the UK...
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Karlo’s Barbershop Business Plan

Executive Summary Karlo’s Barbershop is located in the heart of Bushwick. It is managed by the Master Barber/Owner, Carlos R.Chancay, and staffed with six experienced barbers. The business has been in operation for approximately twenty-five years. The barbershop caters to working class men who desire an exceptional grooming experience at an affordable price. The focus...
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Business Plan: Pharmacy Shop Medihope

I. The Industry, the Company and the Service The Industry: In Dhaka, there are a lot of pharmacy shops but they do not have a business alike to MEDIHOPE. It is an online based medicines and health care products providing company. According to Directorate General of Drug Administration, the country has 107357 pharmacies with valid...
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