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All Phones Repair

Prime Function: All Phones Repair can repair all kinds of mobile phones from all manufacturers. It is a fast, reliable and professional service. We provide quality repairs to all types of mobile phones and our focus is fixing your phone as quickly and safely as possible. There are many phone repairs businesses here in Hobart but in some you will have to make an appointment, but we won’t make you wait, you can walk in and we will fix your devices as soon as possible usually within less than an hour. The following list below is the services we provide. We also acknowledge our customers busy time, so we also offer delivery service to pick your phone and drop off after the replacement is done. We will do free delivery service within 20Km and anything beyond that will be extra cost of usually $15.

  • Cracked Screen Repair
  • LCD Replacement
  • Water damage Repair
  • Buttons Repair
  • Battery Replacement
  • Charger Ports
  • Speakers
  • Data Recover
  • Phone accessories e.g. Headphones and phone cases.
  • And Lot More

Location: Our business is located in New Town, Hobart, Tasmania. New Town is a central area for people of Hobart. New Town is the right location for people living in Various suburbs such as Hobart City, Moonah, Glenorchy, Rosney, And many other regionals areas as well. The Reason why we chose this location is for our customers benefit of having enough car parking spaces of our company. All our customers will have access to free parking.

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Legal Structural of The Business: The Legal structure of our business is partnership. I decided to set up this business partnership because of several reasons, it will be easy and inexpensive to set up and easy to raise capital. This legal structure also has some drawbacks in a case of any bankrupts I and my business partner are personally liable for any debts.

Business mission: Our mission is to provide quality repair and faster access to your mobile phones. We want to have happy customers. We expect to provide high quality services, what we do goes far beyond just providing a quality and fast repair. At this stage phone’s price have hit top of the market because buying an iPhone is almost a big investment these days because it cost almost a price of a good second-hand car. We understand the pain of having a cracked screen and damaged phone which needs repairing, that’s why we do our best to provide you fast and quality service. We will repair your phones for low prices, Quick service, High-quality spare parts and high skilled technicians. This business exists because we thought about the importance of technology is our everyday life and having the difficulties of having broken or damaged devices. We have many objectives such as having more customers and win their loyalty. We will be expecting to do expansion of our business in second year of operation. We will also increase the range of products and service that we offer. Our biggest objective is to increase the size of existing market by increasing the number of customers in a market.

Staff Requirements: We will have total of 5 staffs including us two owners. We will give our two staff a full-time contract and 1 staff will be on casual employment. Having 2 staff will give us an option because they will always be present and if we have unexpected number of clients then we will always call our casual staffs. For hiring staffs, we advertise the available vacancies on our business website. It will be an easy process as we receive candidates resume and select the best who has good experience in Phone repairs.

We are a professional business, so all our staffs must be qualified and professional technician. We will give some additional in-job training such as customer service etc.

Required Qualifications and Skills:

  • We only hire Candidates who has the Certificate of Technician Training Australia (TTA).
  • Experienced at Diagnosing faults and repairing mobile devices.
  • Well Presented and confident.
  • Great time management skills and discipline
  • Strong experienced technical background.

This Role involves:

Providing exceptional levels of customer service.

  • Management of in store spare parts inventory.
  • Using the store point of sale and customer tracking data base.
  • Building and maintaining relationship with stakeholders.
  • Repairing all popular brands and models of mobile phones.
  • Resolving customer complaints and disputes quickly and effectively.

Skills and knowledge required for management:

We will have a very strong management and good workplace. Our mission is to provide the best customer service and quality repairs as quickly as possible. These are the skills involve in our management.

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication and motivation
  • Forward planning and strategic thinking
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Commercial awareness
  • Mentoring

Marketing plan

Our business is in Newtown will be in Main Road where we will be easy to be found. I have done many market researches about our business possible competitors. Hobart Computer Repairs are also located in Newtown, so they will be my biggest competitors because they also do phone repairs and many more. Our business will slightly have more advantages over them because we only focus on mobile phones repair and provide quality services. Our business exists so that we can offer the best possible service for lower price and we value your time so therefore we also offer pick up and drop off your devices after repairs. They (competitors) will also be busy doing other jobs such as computer repairs while we only do phones customers are likely to come over to us for several reasons, faster service, low price, better quality, time saving and value. we value our customers.

Swot Analysis:


  • Limited start up risks.
  • Limited Competition in New Town.
  • Highly experienced owner-operator.
  • Ability to sell products online.
  • Highly visible website.
  • Highly trained staffs
  • Great range of service to offer


  • Competitors can offer similar products quickly.
  • Limited startup costs.
  • High rental cost.
  • Lack of competitive strengths.
  • New in Market (no reputation)
  • Slow of start.
  • Lack of cash reserves to pay invoices/bills on time


  • Ability to develop additional stores.
  • Development of wholesale distribution relationship.
  • Sales of business for significant Price earning (P/E).
  • Expansion of online sales.
  • Change in technology to work effective and faster.
  • Increasing use of social media
  • Increase the amount of walk in traffic.
  • Loyal customers


  • Limited staffs.
  • Loss of key staff.
  • Poor supplier service.
  • Technological problems.
  • Competitors opening nearby
  • Changes in the business environment such as increased rates, or movement in the exchange rate that does not favor the business.
  • Changes in law and regulations.

Target markets

The market segmentation of our business Is demographic because of our targets are young people and adults who works in constructions etc. Youngers are more likely to damage their phone due to lack of care and adults who works in construction and related occupation are also in more risk of damaging their phone such as water damages etc. The intended target market are all the phones users of all age because almost more than 20 million people use mobile phones in Australia. With the record over 50% of the people have crack screens or need some repairs and its mostly younger people and people who work in like constructions. With our price its cheap and affordable to everyone.


Our identified analyzed competitors are other phone repairs business and Hobart computer repairs is the biggest competitors because they are also located in New Town and they work on almost every technology such as Laptop and phones. They offer to repair little more than just phones, but we will doing extra things such as delivery service and with our lower price policy we will be having more advantages over them. We will also need to be aware of entrepreneur as they could have very big impact in the future by creating unique business that is related to phone repairs.

Marketing 4 P’s

  • · Promotion: Advertising, Publicity and sales promotions.
  • · Place: Market, channel, distribution.
  • · Price: Low price, Discount, Offer prices and Credit policy.
  • · Products: Brand, Product, Services and functionality.

We will face few competitors, all based in New Town and they will not be challenging for us as our services and products will be much better quality than our competitors. We will offer our customers the best low price possible. We have better services and products which make us different to our competitors. If we face such challenges in the future, we will always be trying to beat them by offering lower prices for the services and products that they also offer similarly. We will beat their (competitors) price so that way we can attract more customers as they would choose us for profession services at affordable prices. We will do advertising, Sales promotion and use the power of social media. Social media are a very big powerful sources to promote your business. We will have social media page where we will be daily updating many things.

Our selling point is offering the lowest price and offering highest quality and by offering delivery services. We value customers time by accepting walk ins and instantly doing the job within an hour.

We will be using penetration and loss leader pricing strategies this helps us to lure customers away from competitors and we can get more customers due to the affordability. This will boost our market target of having larger market. When doing pricing method, we will do competitors price so that customers can afford, and we can have more advantages over our competitors.

Promotional strategies of our business is below the line as it remains in direct control of business. Self-maintained websites, Facebook pages, premises posters and other social medias.

Our business is in right place which is in the main road of New Town and it is clearly visible in customers eyes. We will get to the customers by doing in-store promotions and first-time discounts. It will attract many new customers.

All our products for phone repairs will come from China but the quality will be very good and usually have many in stocks because they don’t expire so we can stock as much as we can.

Financial Plan

The total cost for the startup is $55,750 and divide that by two is $27875. This will be funded by our savings because we are not taking any loans out to start-up and operate for the first year. The set-up cost is not so high so we must generate this from our deposit so that we won’t have any loans to payoff.

Starting cost

Note: wages are 0 since families and friends would be helping our for the first few months, therefore the wages is 0.

Sales forecast – Number of sales revenues

  • January – 30 – $ 1,350
  • February – 20 – $ 900
  • March – 17 – $ 765
  • April – 14 – $ 630
  • May – 15 – $ 675
  • June – 17 – $ 765
  • July – 13 – $ 585
  • August – 16 – $ 720
  • September – 23 – $ 1,035
  • October – 21 – $ 945
  • November – 31 – $ 1,395
  • December – 35 – $ 1,575

Total sales: 252 total revenue: $ 11,340

Future prospect

We see our business as being very successful over the year because of advantage’s that we have over our competitors. Our sales are good and increasing each month which is good for us because we can then make profit by our sales. We seem to be loved by the service we provide, and quality of professional works being done with us. If our business runs well as it is then we will expand our stores and offer the services in various locations.

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