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Executive Summary

RCDesigns Ltd is an architectural firm that will be specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial architecture in domestic and international markets that will be based at Ebene in the center of Mauritius. The firm will offer architectural services utilizing innovatively prevalent procedures, giving more noteworthy incentives to customers and upgraded structure and development.

The targeted customer is segmented into four categories; homeowners, developers, government, and contractors. RCDesigns Ltd competitive edge will be the information on advanced based structure assets. Superior clients care will likewise be a state of firm differentiation.

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First-year sales are required is expected to reach Rs 102,000 and increase to Rs 500,000 by the third year of activity. We will be productive inside three years of beginning.

The most noteworthy difficulties ahead incorporate making sure about setting up the initial customer base and eventually situating the firm to have the option to have a nearness in a bigger, worldwide market.

1.1 Mission

RCDesigns Ltd offers another sort of computerized intuitive media for both the customer and the builder. This media will clearly show the customer and the builder precisely what the plan will resemble and the method of construction.

With this new type of media, the customer does not need to know anything about building/architectural illustrations or terminology (floor plans, sections, elevations & construction documents) to have a clear understanding of what the final product will resemble. This is conceivable using PC rendered pictures, intelligent video and using VR (virtual reality).

This media will be made one stride further by utilizing it in the development reports also. The builder will be given an intuitive video rendering of the whole structure containing both visual photographic quality pictures and construction specs. Each and every detail will be turned out in three dimensions so that any individual who realizes how to utilize a computer will have the option to access and understand this new means of architectural presentation.

1.2 Keys To Success

  1. Provide a service that is technologically superior to the competition.
  2. Utilizing a diverse staff of architects to provide a wide variety of product styles.
  3. A large array of global connections.

1.3 Objectives

  1. Sales of Rs 500,000 in Year 3 and Rs 700,000 by Year 4.
  2. Our market expansion will be of 20% per year via the Internet.
  3. Will Create new niche in the market by Year 4 of three-dimensional construction documents and interactive digital presentation to clients.

Business Description

RCDesign Ltd`s team consist of fifteen members mainly of architects, interior designers, engineers and AutoCAD specialists. We will operate in a spacious office in Ebene of 700 m² with parking facilities and a full-fledged architectural and interior design library. We are already subscribed to numerous magazines which will keep us in touch with the latest trends in sustainable Green Architecture and Interior Design.

Our practice will act as a problem-solving agent that blends its rich experience and wealth of knowledge in residential, commercial, hospitality, retail & leisure, civic & cultural and academic projects to bring solutions that are commercially sound, functional and unique. Our clients are the most important asset to our business and we pride ourselves on working closely and collaboratively with them to achieve their dream. We will offer them the opportunity to embark on a journey through design where your dream is carefully be crafted within costs and time constraints.

The company has an extensive base of software and equipment for surveys, both architectural and interior design and management.

With a cocktail of needs, colours, materials and dreams, we will offer you a complete palette to fit your unique lifestyle. Having an eye to details and above all, paying particular attention to functionality, we give the best-suited aesthetic to your project within your budget.

Our mission is to turn your dream into reality.



The thoughtful, collaborative and lasting creation of architecture has the ability to impact the quality of life for those who use it. RCDesigns Ltd is dedicated in crafting unique and responsive spaces that go above and beyond the standard building experience.



We operate with a spirit of curiosity through craft and exploration. Our perceptions become the reason of our activities. We employ a collaborative process to provide creative solutions to our customer’s particular conditions. Eventually, we craft places that live in memory based on the sculpting of light, surface, material and space.

Quality is the ultimate measure of value.


RCDesigns Ltd People are:

  • DESIGN EXCELLENCE – We believe in the extraordinary power of design to influence the quality of life.
  • CURIOUS – enquiring minds uncovering new insight and skills.
  • ENGAGED – alive to what people and projects offer
  • MINDFUL – tuned into the present moment, focussed on the work at hand
  • IMAGINATIVE – visionary and able to manipulate knowledge to achieve the unexpected.
  • DRIVEN – competitive, committed and able to finish things.

Management Summary

RCDesigns Ltd is majority-owned by Anasstasia Lee and James Scotfield. Mrs. Lee holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Open University. She’s worked for several years as an independent business consultant. Previously, she owned the ABC Travel Agency, which she profitably sold four years ago. Mrs. Lee has extensive business contacts in Oregon that she will leverage to help his new venture succeed. Mr. Scotfield has a BSc. Arch & M.Arch Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. For the last five years, he has worked as an architect, in a successful Architectural firm. Under Mr. Scotfield’s management, the firm has consistently increased sales while maintaining a lower than average level of operating expenses.

However, because of the investors’ other commitments, they will not be involved in the daily management decisions at RCDesigns Ltd. A professional registered Architect (Rs 60,000/month) will be hired who will oversee all the operations. One architectural assistant (Rs 35,000/month) will be in charge of the plan preparation. One graphic Designer (Rs 25, 000/month) will be in charge of all the 2D & 3D animation and also of the VR`s system preparation. Two draughtsmen (Rs 15, 000/month each) will look after the preparation of the building construction plan. An Interior designer (Rs 18, 000/month) who will look after the client’s wishes. And an administrative officer (Rs 13, 000/month) who will look after all the meetings organisation of the administrative task. In the second and third years of operation, one more employee will be hired to handle the increased sales volume and even trainees will be encouraged to join in. RCDesigns Ltd, with the help of the Manager, will be overcoming obstacles, implementing strategy, achieving performance improvement and enhancing value. The Architect Leader structures value-drivers through unique core organizational Methods, which embody improved capabilities, service strategy and widen the strategic horizon. The Architect Leader structures esteem drivers through novel centre authoritative Methods, which epitomize improved capacities, serve procedure and augment the vital skyline. The Architectural Leadership sustain authority at all authoritative levels, support activities and outfit all representatives, not simply the official group, to satisfy the association’s objectives. The Architectural Leadership approach is handy, open and doesn’t require allure. It depends on broad experience and has effectively been applied in numerous business and administrative associations and in different enterprises as a method for making upper hand and expanding esteem.’Marketing has to do with the creation of credentials; sales is going up and knocking on doors.’ William E. Flaig, Marketer

RCDesigns Ltd will give it is administration to property holders who are hoping to rebuild, just as developers, contractors and government offices in the local and international markets. In spite of the fact that we will oblige a generally expansive extent of clients, the organization will choose what the target market depends on deals and patterns experienced in the underlying long stretches of activity. Potential customers for RCDesigns Ltd showcase is separated into four classifications: homeowners, developers, government, and contractors. Homeowners are the biggest gathering dependent on sheer populace and this will be stressed in the entirety of the association’s advertising and limited time endeavors. Focusing on the staying three gatherings will be reliant after setting up significant connections, and reacting and fitting the bill for demand for recommendations.

The chart and table below outline the total market potential (in a number of clients). An architectural business across the country is primarily made up of small- to mid-sized firms specializing in a particular architectural type. But there are also a few large firms that have almost dominated the design of large commercial and industrial facilities. RCDesigns Ltd main competitors will be the larger firms. The reason for this is that the larger firms have more capital to work with, which enables them to keep up with technological changes much quicker than a small firm. Product reinventing our work with each new customer and rehashing a similar tedious procedure, RCDesigns Ltd has reoriented their organizations toward creating products. Client driven business procedures and the need of remaining serious are pushing us to turn out to be quicker, increasingly productive and pass on our work to customers in the briefest and clear manner conceivable. The last is especially pertinent to architects since the idea of the calling has since a long time ago experienced the powerlessness to make an interpretation of administrations into substantial qualities that customers can perceive. For a really long time, architectural services have been viewed as an expense, instead of worth.

Because of the immense innovative headways of the late twentieth century, the extent of ‘issues’ architects can address has gotten more extensive. This opportunity permits them to extend their field of expert interests as well as pick new, progressively proficient plans of action. Structuring and selling plan sets, making applications, creating libraries of BIM segments, planning to program and undertaking the board apparatuses, improving assembling forms, independently publishing, and utilizing VR (Virtual Reality) framework are the techniques that RCDesgns Ltd tallies to have another item advancement.

Price The major reason for the customers to return or to recommend us will be because of our quick service and pleasant atmosphere. Although, as stated before is uniform across different income segments, RCDesgns Ltd price offered competitively. We strongly believe that our plans with a great service in a nice setting will help us build a strong base of loyal clientele.

Place We will operate in a spacious office in Ebene of 700 m² and furthermore, which will be equipped with a full-fledged architectural and interior design library. We are already subscribed to numerous magazines to keep in touch with the latest trends in sustainable Green Architecture and Interior Design. We also have a conference room where we will assist clients, do meetings and foremost during our meeting we propose using the VR so as to have a tour in the in-site project proposal.

Promotional strategies refer to the formulation of the most appropriate promotion mix in an attempt to influence the target market of a business. Often promotional strategies include more than one objective and RCDesigns Ltd will need to use different promotional strategies for the following objectives:

  • To build brand awareness of its services
  • To communicate about new services to potential customers.

As the target market for RCDesigns Ltd, it may use the promotion mix as mentioned below in order to achieve its objectives.

  1. Company Website: Having its own website will benefit RCDesigns Ltd to promote its services less expensively, generate more customers, and allow for information exchange between the clients and the designer in a quicker and easier way.
  2. Social media: For promoting its services RCDesigns Ltd can use different social media platforms such as Facebook, whatapp and weshare. As today Facebook has become one of the top social media platforms, it will allow RCDesigns Ltd to communicate directly with its both existing and potential clients, increase website traffic and it is a low marketing strategy. Whatapp is an easier way to communicate quickly to clients. Weshare allows us to share information quicker. Though it may help us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.
  3. Electronic mail marketing (email): Email is important online marketing as it is one of the most direct and private forms of communication. Email marketing will allow RCDesigns Ltd to create more targeted and personalized messages. This will enable RCDesigns Ltd to build more meaningful relationships with its customers. In addition, email marketing is cost-effective.
  4. Business Expo: RCDesigns Ltd can even promote its services to clients through the business exposition and conference. This will allow RCDesigns Ltd to have face-to-face contact with clients and youngsters interested in this world and also it can create good networking. Globalization and increasing market competitiveness have driven firms towards innovativeness in their operations to gain sustainable competitive advantage. Firms now compete on the basis of services rather than on the basis of physical products. Architecture reaps substantial benefits by providing new solutions to the customer interface, new distribution methods and improved application of technology in the service process, new forms of operation with the supply chain or new ways to manage services. This unique architectural approach extends the applicability of service delivery systems and innovations. To differentiate their businesses from competitors, firms look for competitive advantage in terms of technological up-gradation, knowledge integration, and networking of organisational resources. We have allowed that after having the permits will allow the main architect go on the spot to meet the client to deliver the plans and to as from the preliminary design till the final reports. Relationships are the foundations upon which the most successful companies base their business – and the world of architecture and design is no exception. Architects regularly need to work with material suppliers and specialists in order to realise their design goals, and finding a fantastic firm to partner with time and time again can make the difference between success and failure. Every working partnership is unique, and its success will be determined by the specifics of the companies involved, and the projects themselves – but there are a few important elements that are essential for a positive and productive rapport, it is why RCDesigns Ltd secures his suppliers choice via trust, experience, communication, when it comes down to it, even the very best working relationships take time to forge. The fields of architecture and design can be inherently slow-burning, with projects lasting long periods of time. The partnership between an architect and a specialist does require all of the points mentioned above to succeed, but the most important ingredient to the most productive and positive alliances is, without a doubt, time.

Quality Control

Good for architects, engineers and general contractors that need a design-specific quality plan.

For Commercial, Residential and Government construction projects as well as ISO 9001 requirements.

Design Controls include:

  • Design Reviews
  • Control of Design Corrections and Non-conformances
  • Personnel Qualifications
  • Customer Quality Expectations
    • prioritize process parameters for screening structures
    • design vigorous procedures utilizing the measurable plan of investigations (DoE)
    • bridge the seat and the business configuration spaces utilizing blending and scale-up counts
    • and more…

Financial Plan

Start-Up Summary

The start-up expenses include:

  • Legal expenses for obtaining licenses and permits as well as the accounting services totaling Rs 30, 567.
  • Marketing promotion expenses for the grand opening of RCDesigns Ltd in the amount of Rs 24, 885 and as well as flyer printing (2,000 flyers at Rs 1.00 per copy) for the total amount of Rs 2, 000.
  • Insurance (general liability, workers’ compensation and property casualty) coverage at a total premium of Rs 85, 000.
  • Land & Building in the amount of Rs 60, 000, 000.
  • Other start-up expenses include stationery (Rs 5, 000) and phone and utility deposits (Rs 10, 000).

The required start-up assets of Rs 900, 288.80 include:

  • Operating capital in the total amount of Rs 67,123, which includes employees and owner’s salaries of Rs 23,900 for the first two months and cash reserves for the first three months of operation (approximately Rs 14,400 per month).
  • Start-up inventory of Rs 50, 027 which includes:
    • Paper and other materials – Rs 7,900
    • Retail supplies (napkins, coffee bags, cleaning, etc.) – Rs 3,840
    • Office supplies – Rs 38, 287

Funding for the company comes from two major sources–owners’ investments and bank loans. Two major owners, Anastasia Lee and James Scotfield, have contributed Rs 250,000 and Rs 150,000 respectively, which brings the total investments to Rs 450,000. The remaining Rs 60, 607, 740.80 needed to cover the start-up expenses and assets came from the two bank loans–a one-year loan in the amount of Rs 700, 000 and a long-term (five years) loan of Rs 60, 000,000. Both loans were secured through the Bank of Mauritius. The following table and chart give a run-down on forecasted sales. In the last four months, we have achieved sales of roughly Rs 76, 935per month. We expect sales to remain at a relatively constant level for the next year.

Direct unit costs for the year consist solely of labor; these can be found in the Personnel Plan. Labour rates have been set at 70% of unit revenues, which yields a 30% gross margin. In the next year, we plan to increase the gross margin to 35% as a result of providing a more efficient service to our clients.


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