Essays on Caffeine

Caffeine As A Legal Stimulant

In recent years, stress has become a frequent heard phenomenon in our society, especially a rising trend among university students. According to the 2007 Healthy Mind Survey done in the United State, 50.7% of the 5689 participants are tested positive for depression, panic disorder and generalized anxiety due to stress (Keyes et al., 2012). Another...
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Oral Caffeine Administered To Late Gestation Sows

Being a producer in the swine industry carries a tough load. From the producers’ standpoint, it is crucial to meet the needs of the consumers in the most efficient way possible. However, often times what is thought to be the most efficient way turns out to not be. As the consumption of pork increases, it...
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Reasons Why Caffeine Is Dangerous For Teens

How dangerous can a simple beverage containing caffeine be and why would anyone worry about it? There are tons of different foods and drinks that aren’t the healthiest and are mostly sugary and fattening. People have to control what kinds of things consume, along with the amounts. Caffeinated drinks especially are a danger when it...
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