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United States Versus Canada: Comparative Essay

For my essay I chose the United States and Canada, I will be talking about population, Economics such as GDP, per capita income, political structure, Agricultural background, Environmental information and religious type from the United States and Canada. The first major difference between the United States and Canada is the population. The population of the...
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Politics Of Canada: Liberals and Conservatives

Canada is a democratic state where elections are held justly. Each vote carries equal weight. However, a vote is registered according to a riding. A party that obtains more votes overall does not necessarily mean it becomes the governing party of Canada. Also, Canada is a highly prolific decentralized federation. Each province has its legislation...

Economy of Canada: Start-up Culture

Canada Stands as one of the biggest economies in the world. However, fewer people talk about the Canadian Start-up space even though being a developed nation, Canada has had to create its technology, implement it, and put it into the market. Still, people have been focusing on the American silicon culture despite Canada having some...
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Study of Euthanasia in Canada: Critical Research

Issue of Importance The topic of euthanasia has been controversial in every way imaginable. It has been at the centre of discussions for religious, medical, ethical, cultural, and political reasons. The typical argument that is passed around is the opinion individuals have on the merit of human life. Questions that are asked are, “Is it...

Events that Shaped Canada During 1770-1820

From catastrophe to triumphs, Canada has had many events from 1770 to 1820 that changed Canada as a whole, for good or for bad. Starting with the Quebec act which changed many parts of the political and social aspects of Canadian society. Next is the American War of Independence, which started from 1775 to 1783,...
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Role Of The Canadian Armed Forces In Real Conflicts In The 21st Century

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are used not very often in real conflicts in the 21st century, with only a few hundred troops deployed. Back in the 20th century, it was quite the opposite, Canada fought many major wars. From the fields of Vimy to the shores of Juno and to Peacekeeping in Yugoslavia, Canadian...
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Critical Analysis of Minority Governments in the History of Canada

Many people around the world including Canadians have regarded politics as a dirty one-sided game where the top 1% (the elite class) usually benefit no matter which political party is in the position of power. For many decades, legislative politics has played a huge role in the development of Canada. These historic moments have led...
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