Cancer: Ways Of Prevention

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 Cancer is one of the leading deaths causes in the world and especially in high- and medium-income countries according to the data of WHO-2016. We can assume that this data is connected to their diet because people with high incomes are capable of buying more processed food and maintain a diet rich in animal fats and do less physical activates which are a risk factor for developing cancer and obesity, which is responsible for about 14% of cancer deaths in men.

To prevent cancer, people are supposed to change their diet and do more physical activates. Some dietetic factors are considerer to have a protective role against the development of cancer.

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Some of these dietetic factors are selenium and Omega-3 which has preventing role in prostate carcinoma. Also, Retinoidsand vitamins reduce the risk of breast cancer in women with a body mass index (BMI) > 25 and they have a preventive action on both gastric cancer and hepatocarcinoma.

Furthermore, new studies have shown a connection between soya protein consumption and the reduction of risk of some kind of tumors. Soya is rich in proteins (42%), lipids, glucides, vitamins, minerals, fibres, saponins and isoflavones that reduces the risk of prostate cancer, colon cancer, and lung metastases of melanoma, all showing the important action of isoflavones. moreover, high glycemic diet increases the risk of gastric, digestive, ovarian, and colon-rectal cancers, therefore it’s important to maintain low glycemic diet.

Some dietetic guidelines for cancer prevention will include the following: First, keep correct body weight. Second, vary your diet. Third, Eat a larger quantity of foods rich in fibres, such as cereals, whole wheat flour, and legumes. Fourth, Include fruit and vegetables in your daily diet. Fifth, Reduce the total consumption of fats. Sixth, limit the consumption of salt or foods preserved with nitrite.

When it comes to physical activity it prevents cancer in different ways. It helps reducing body weight and obesity which is one of the risk factors for cancer, also it helps in enhancing the cytochrome P450 system and by enhancing selective enzymes in the carcinogen detoxification pathway. Also, it can exert a cancer-prevention effect by dampening the processes involved in the promotion and progression stages of carcinogenesis, including scavenging reactive oxygen species (ROS); altering cell proliferation, apoptosis and differentiation; decreasing inflammation; enhancing immune function, and suppressing angiogenesis.

In my opinion, our diet should be based more on fruits and vegetables, and we should approach vegetarian diets because although there is no scientific evidence but if we compare the health of people in the past when their diet was based on grains, fruits, vegetables and whatever they found in the field with little or no meat consumption at all, we can see the difference, that people become more obese and suffering from diseases that were not known previously. I don’t deny the fact that there might be people who suffered from cancer in the past, but I think the ratio compared to now a day is much smaller from the causes of the total deaths. But I think that most people are not willing to stop eating meat and fatty foods that’s why we should be moderate with their consumption.

In conclusion, exercise can alter biological processes that contribute to both antinitiation and anti-progression events in the carcinogenesis process. That’s why we need to work out regularly around 5 days a week for about half an hour each day. We also conclude that we need to avoid large use of fats, meat, salted food associated with insufficient use of fibres and approach Better food habits that include soya, cereals, whole wheat bread, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. Moreover, the use of monounsaturated fatty acids and Omega-3 fatty acids should be preferred to animal fats and other vegetable fats.


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