Essays on Cannabis

Reflection About Cannabis In Workplace

The consumption of Cannabis has been a topic of debate in the last few years, while many believe it should be a banned substance due to its intoxicating effects, others argue that consumption of cannabis has many benefits and should be allowed as long as responsibly consumed. This paper will discuss the laws regarding the...
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Reasons For Cannabis Legalise

I would like to start with a story. Michael Levine was a New York cop and a strong supporter of the war on drugs. Concerned about drug dealing in New York, he spied on 100 drug dealers in a block in Manhattan. One night, the police swooped in and arrested 80 of them at once....
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Cannabis as A Treat From Depression

Depression is a very complex mood disorder that affects millions of Canadians, affecting one in five Canadians yearly. This illness affects the persons’ mental state and daily activities, such as socializing with others, going to work and getting up in the morning. Depression can lead to various diseases and can lead to suicide and overdose....
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