Essays on Caste System

The Hindu Caste System

 The Hindu Caste System has not been successfully eradicated in India India’s caste system: splits Hindus into different social groups taking into account their work and birth. It was believed, through research this system originated 1500 BC. With Hinduism people were categorized by their occupation, work, color, what rituals/customs they practiced and at what level...
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Social Inequality: India’s Caste System

Ingrained within India’s long and colorful history is one of the oldest, most regressive societal hierarchies in the world: the caste system. Despite the antiquity of this greatly unjust system, its relevance today is enormous, and it affects the lives of more than 200 million Indians worldwide. From rejecting ‘menial’ jobs to rubbing away at...
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A Caste-based Class System In Different Countries

 A caste system is a structured class system that is determined by birth. Basically, it means that in certain cases in some societies, if your parents are poor, you will be poor as well. ( A caste or castes are perceived as hereditary groups with fixed ritual statuses where social classes are defined in terms...
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