Causes For Nigerian Students To Drop Out Of School

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“Education” In Nigeria is known and the best legacy and we were all taught that children of today at the leaders of tomorrow, but what can make a child of today a leader tomorrow? That’s nothing Education.

Education is known as the acting of imparting knowledge in people either young old male or female, in some cases there an Education for animals. In this case, animals are trained.

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According to education history, education was derived by using a dog and monkey as a specimen.

We are not here to talk about the history of education but or Education of yesterday, but here to discuss the Education of today.

Appraisal of Nigeria presents education both at secondary level and tertiary level but our concentration is focusing on the tertiary level of Education.

In Nigeria Education has been in existence, you may be doubting the statement but come to think about it, is western Education the only source of Education? the fact is Education started from the cradle, why because you start learning from birth by watching, that’s why western Education stated

  • “children learns a lot and faster by watching or seeing”
  • “Children. Learns much more by also using the play way method”

Therefore learning is what we started since we were given birth to.

  • Learning our acquired language,
  • learning of rudiment of numbers and shapes
  • Learning about our culture
  • Learning about our religion etc.

Progressing to the real intention, primary Education was free starting in the region of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, till date, and secondary Education is free too but not totally free. Despite the free education, why do some students drop out at their secondary education? Different factor can be the cause of dropping out of secondary education, to be precise it not the time to talk about that cos statistics shows out of 100% student admired into secondary school, only 12.5% drops out due to financial reason, health issues or not being able to cope or learn.

In Nigeria today the rate at Which students are dropping out of tertiary institutions is gradually getting out of hand. The statistic shows that 10% of student admitted into university drops out before getting to 200 level due to poor CGP, while another 10% are being rusticated before graduating for violating school rules and regulation, while another 20% drops out due to extracurricular activities.

10% + 10% + 20% =40

Factors contributing to students dropping out of tertiary institutions:

  1. Financial problem
  2. Health problem
  3. Extracurricular activities
  4. Drugs

1. Financial Problem: 

This is an eventuality which comes up unexpectedly due to lack of funds to settle tuition fees and other bills concerning education welfare of the student and sometimes lack of planning, statistic shows that 20% of the total drop out of tertiary institution drop out due to financial problem. Lack of funding for welfare is really not an excuse, cos there is a lot of students who only can afford to pay their tuition fee but can’t afford to pay other welfare bills like accommodation bill but still find a way to survive by staying with friends, sleeping in mosque or churches this is due to their interest in Education and determination to survive and achieve their primary aims and objectives.

2. Health Problems: 

The statistic shows that 15% of the total student who drops out of tertiary institution dropped out because of health issue, some even died due to health issue or accident.

3. Extracurricular Activities: 

This is one of the factors that affect the youth of nowadays and affect their educational career to the extent of dropping out of school. Extracurricular activities can be seen as activities or events which distract students from achieving their primary aims and objective of succeeding or graduating to be a bachelor of any field they were admitted into. Extracurricular activities can bow of any form like social activities event, cultism, and other activities that are not included in the educational or school curriculum. Statistics show that the last 2 factors stated above contribute more to students dropping out of school. 32.5 of total students that drops out did so due to Extracurricular activities.

4. Drugs: 

One of the major factors affecting students and increasing the rate of dropout in tertiary institutions is drug abuse and addiction. The statistic shows that 45% of total student who drops out of school are affected by drugs abuse, addiction and extracurricular activities altogether. Drug abuse and addiction are some of the factors affecting people depending on their life without medical prescription. Students who are found of drugs either Indian helm, syrups like codeine, tablets, injections, sniff, and another form of chemical reaction drops out of school cos the drugs they deal with change their thinking and view about education. Drug abuse changes the way of life and thinking negatively. This changes their positives though in a negative way and makes them see what is less important as a priority forgetting their primary aims and objective of getting admission into the university. See the medical effects of drug abuse and addiction to learn more about the adverse effect of drugs.

How to Reduce the rate at which student Drops out of Tertiary institution:

The factor 1 and 2 listed above (financial problem and health issues) is an eventuality which will not inform anyone before coming up, but factor 3 and 4 (extracurricular activities and Drug abuse) can be avoided to achieve a primary aim and objective. Students need to avoid too many extracurricular activities and avoid drugs totally to succeed in their educational career. 


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